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Elise Harris/CNA/EWTN News
Holy Father issues new motu proprio making it a theological institute charged with scientific study.
Matt Hadro/CNA/EWTN News
Archbishop Robert Carlson calls for peace after a judge acquitted a former St. Louis police officer in the shooting of a black man in 2011.
Peter Jesserer Smith
Avoiding a culture-war narrative and providing positive alternatives are part of the strategy to keep physician-assisted suicide at bay.
Hannah Brockhaus/CNA/EWTN News
Salesian missionary released after 18 months of captivity thanked all those who have prayed and made sacrifices on his behalf.
Adelaide Mena/CNA/EWTN News
Seminary explained that it decided to withdraw its invitation in the ‘best interest of all parties.’
In Person
Matthew Bunson
Archbishop Paul Coakley Discusses Oklahoma’s Saintly Missionary Priest
Eddie O’Neill
From four-year liberal arts to school of education
Lawrence Grayson
COMMENTARY: These young people, and many other committed individuals, are helping to change society.
Paul Senz
BOOK PICK: Answering the Questions of Jesus
Edward Pentin
Magnum Principium, issued motu proprio, shifts some responsibility for translating liturgical texts from the Vatican to bishops’ conferences.
Edward Pentin
COMMENTARY: Recent developments in Rome indicate a campaign is underway to challenge the encyclical’s prohibition against artificial contraception.
Carl E. Olson
COMMENTARY: How to see the world in a Catholic way — through the eyes of Christ, with the mind of Christ and with the heart of Christ.
Father Raymond J. de Souza
COMMENTARY: A deeper examination of Pope St. John Paul II’s Veritatis Splendor will illustrate how some interpretations of Amoris Laetitia are incompatible with the Catholic Church’s moral tradition.
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