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Culture of Life
Pro-life advocates hailed legislation as a victory for those who do not want to subsidize abortion.
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On Aug. 15, the Holy Father said that ‘she always precedes us on the pilgrimage of life and of faith.’
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The bishops said they will resist the Royal Commission’s proposal that priests be legally obligated to disclose sexual abuse revealed in confession.
According to the archdiocese, Cardinal Norberto Rivera Carrera instructed his episcopal vicars ‘immediately to notify the appropriate authorities.’
Jimmy Akin
August 15 is the Assumption of Mary. Here are 12 things to know and share...
Daniel Blackman
Tamás Török, head of Hungary’s groundbreaking new department for persecuted Christians, explains to the Register what spurred his government into action.
Peter Jesserer Smith
Some lawmakers are proposing that women should know about a procedure to reverse chemical abortion — but more studies may be needed first.
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One woman is dead and 19 injured when a car plows into protesters.
Joanna Bogle
The faithful are on a special mission this summer.
Joseph Pronechen
Last year’s successful first “Novena for Our Nation” was a warm-up for this year’s repeat, especially essential during this 100th Anniversary Year of Fatima
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EDITORIAL: A Brave New World of Morality by the Market
Peter Jesserer Smith
Holy Name of Jesus Cathedral inspires awe ‘like heaven on earth.’
Nicholas Wolfram Smith
Benedictine College in Kansas is showcasing the harmony of faith and science with a celebration of the phenomenon that includes the opening of a new observatory.