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The Trump administration announced July 15 that parts of the Protect Life Rule, which prohibits recipients of Title X family planning funds from referring or performing abortions, will go into effect immediately.
Catholic News Agency
The historian said the “schismatic instincts” of those bishops were manifested in August 2018, when they “sided with Archbishop Carlo Maria Viganò, the former papal nuncio to Washington who called on Francis to resign.”
K.V. Turley
A recent court case highlights ethical dilemmas for medics of faith.
Catholic News Agency
In August 2018, a Pennsylvania grand jury report was released, identifying more than 1,000 allegations of abuse at the hands of some 300 clergy members in six dioceses in the state, including 99 from Pittsburgh.
Catholic News Agency
Father Joensen has served as dean of campus spiritual life at Loras College, a Catholic liberal arts institution in Dubuque, since 2010.
Hannah Brockhaus/CNA
Matteo Bruni, 43, an Italian born in Great Britain, has worked for the Holy See press office since 2009, including as chief press handler, and most recently, as the lead on organization of papal trips.
Catholic News Agency
According to the Barts Health NHS Trust, which administers the Royal London Hospital, doctors have determined that “further invasive medical treatment is futile.”
Catholic News Agency
A recent New York Times analysis has suggested that the cathedral came very close to completely collapsing, and that the brave actions of Paris’ fire department likely saved the building from further damage.
In Person
Lauretta Brown
In an exclusive Register interview, the archbishop discusses the plight of his people as they endure Venezuela’s ongoing political and economic crisis.
Father Raymond J. de Souza
COMMENTARY: Very few things are truly unprecedented in the life of the Church, but a Catholic cathedral built inside of a former Protestant church is one of them.
Joan Frawley Desmond
Lesther Alemán said he plans to attend the U.S. State Department’s Ministerial July 16-17 to bring awareness to the struggle for human rights in his country.
Amy Smith
The space race received worldwide attention — including in Rome.
Peter Jesserer Smith
A recent salvo by The Guardian indicates that fertility-awareness-based methods are leaving their niche in Catholic circles and entering the mainstream.
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