Brian O’Neel
BOOK PICK: Defenders of the Unborn
Anto Akkara
A local bishop told the Register, ‘This is a terrible case. Our innocent priest and hostel assistant had to spend 16 months in jail.’
Wayne Laugesen
Organizers earlier removed the pro-life New Wave Feminists from the official list of event sponsors, but some pro-lifers were present to proclaim feminism shouldn’t be about killing the unborn.
Culture of Life
Katie Warner
Families and medical professionals celebrate as premature infants survive and thrive.
Sunday Guide
Tom Hoopes
User’s Guide to Sunday, Jan. 22
Matthew Bunson
NEWS ANALYSIS: Donald Trump is sworn in as the 45th president of the United States in one of the most prayer-filled inaugurations in American history.
Joan Frawley Desmond
The six-term pro-life congressman has vowed to protect health care access for Americans who have come to rely on Obamacare and is expected to end federal rules that provide tax-payer subsidies for abortion and contraception.
Matt Hadro/CNA/EWTN News
The New York shepherd prayed from the ninth chapter of the Book of Wisdom at the 58th Presidential Inauguration on Friday.
Wayne Laugesen
Newt Gingrich tells the Register prospects are good for the move, under the new administration and Congress.
Pope Francis
The Holy Father wrote to the new president on Inauguration Day.
Lori Hadacek Chaplin
After falling into a pool, little Joy Loboda did not have a heartbeat for some 20-30 minutes. She should not be alive today, but she is.
Susan Klemond
Discovery of infant left in Minnesota cathedral garners widespread interest and calls to adopt him.
Joseph Pronechen
Countless thousands will be marching across the country in companion events to the national March for Life.