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Nick Manetto
BOOK REVIEW: The Fourth Cup
Sunday Guide
Father John Paul Zeller
User’s Guide to Sunday, March 18
John M. Grondelski
BOOK REVIEW: Faith in Luther
Hannah Brockhaus/CNA/EWTN NEWS
Catholics should pray as Jesus did, out of love for God not just for personal desires, the Holy Father instructed during his visit today to San Giovanni Rotondo.
John Clark
Though he lived over fifteen centuries ago, Patrick has a lesson to teach our world today.
Peter Jesserer Smith
Gina Haspel’s alleged personal involvement in a Bush-era interrogation program is revisiting the debate on torture.
Steven D. Greydanus
Alicia Vikander plays a grimmer, grittier Lara Croft in this reboot of the swashbuckling video-game franchise, which takes an odd approach to the property’s typical supernatural themes.
Hannah Brockhaus/CNA/EWTN News
Conclusion of a yearlong trial ends with removal from office.
Culture of Life
Joseph Pronechen
50 years after his death, devotion to humble Capuchin burns brightly.
Brian O’Neel
The witness of Veronica Antal.
Joseph Pronechen
Liturgical artist and designer Anja Longenecker is committed to tradition.
Donald DeMarco
COMMENTARY: Whether in Faith, Philosophy or Advertising, a Solid Start Places Us on the Right Track
The Editors
EDITORIAL: The Church 'proclaims Jesus as the only Savior of the whole human person and of all humanity,' reads Placuit Deo, a letter released by the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith (CDF).
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