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The beloved Georgetown professor has written over 30 books and countless articles for many publications including the National Catholic Register.
Jim Graves
Re-enactments bring Holy Week to life worldwide, including in Los Angeles and Minnesota.
Edward Pentin
“I asked Jesus — and I really believe he is present in these hosts — to fight the flames and preserve the building dedicated to his mother.”
Adam DeVille
COMMENTARY: Now is the time for the entire People of God to rise up, roll up their sleeves.
Christine Rousselle/CNA
According to the NYPD, the man had four gallons of gasoline, two cans of lighter fluid, and two lighters with him when he attempted to enter the cathedral.
Edward Pentin
Two years before he became pope, Cardinal Pacelli told a Paris gathering to avoid the “gesture of Lucifer,” and declared that it is the “substance of Christianity, the very substance of religion, that is at stake.”
Steven D. Greydanus
Too often Mary Magdalene has been portrayed as a penitent adulteress or prostitute. A new film starring Rooney Mara as the Magdalene and Joaquin Phoenix as Jesus seeks to set the record straight, but there are issues.
Ella Hadacek
Breakthrough star, director and producer share powerful stories.
Catholic News Agency
While the images of the exterior suggested nearly total devastation, inside the cathedral’s vaulted stone ceiling mostly held, and protected many of the cathedral's religious and historical treasures from the flames.
Culture of Life
Joseph Pronechen
The organization’s 2019 spring campaign continues effort to help moms and their babies.
Edward Pentin
In a German-language essay published Thursday, the pope emeritus provides a way forward.
Pope Emeritus Benedict
Solène Tadié
The 28 well-worn marble steps that are said to have been traversed by Jesus during his passion were uncovered in Rome April 11 following a restoration project.
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