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Federal Judges Shoot Down Notre Dame’s Appeal on Contraception Mandate

Circuit Judge Richard Posner authored the main opinion in the 2-1 decision against the university, saying it failed to show it was entitled to a preliminary injunction.

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CNA/Southern Nebraska Register

Nebraska Bishops Praise State’s Move to Repeal Death Penalty

Nebraska’s unicameral Legislature on May 20 voted 32-15 to pass LB 268. The legislation replaces the death penalty with life in prison without parole.

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Pittsburgh Steelers/Karl Roser

NFL Soldier Stands Tall in the Catholic Church

Pittsburgh Steelers’ Alejandro Villanueva relies on faith in military and pro sports.

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David Burnett (B&W) 2011

A Priest’s Powerful Impact on ‘The New York Times’ David Brooks

In an interview with Catholic News Agency, the bestselling author recounts how the example of Msgr. Ray East contributed to his latest book, The Road to Character.

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Anto Akkara

The Missionaries of Charity’s Corporal Works of Mercy in the Himalayas

During the same week that reports circulated about Blessed Mother Teresa’s possible canonization, members of her congregation witnessed to her inspiration in earthquake-battered Nepal.

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CNA file photo

Is Islam a Religion of War or Peace? Both — and Muslims Must Decide Its Direction, Priest Says

Jesuit Father Samir Khalil Samir wrote May 15 that Islam must undergo a radical reform to the internal reading of its history.

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CNA/Gez Xavier Mansfield via Unsplash

Is Economic Growth the Enemy of Saving the Environment? These Catholics Say No

In an international forum on economic growth and environmental sustainability, Catholic leaders and experts in the field argued that, rather than being opposed, the two go hand in hand and can lead to greater prosperity.

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SDG Reviews ‘Tomorrowland’

The director of The Incredibles and Mission: Impossible — Ghost Protocol delivers a muddled ode to faith in the future that celebrates hope and inspiration rather than delivering it.

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Aid to the Church in Need

Aleppo’s Archbishop Calls in a Debt U.S. Christians Can Never Repay

In this interview, the Melkite archbishop of Aleppo recounts that Syria converted St. Paul and asks for Christian solidarity to keep the 2,000-year-old local Church’s presence alive with the Build to Stay movement.

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Pope to Parents: You Are Responsible for Educating Your Children

At May 20 audience, he stressed that educating and raising children in the human values that form the “backbone” of a healthy society is a responsibility that each family has.

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