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Christine Rousselle/CNA/EWTN News
The legislation, which was met with criticism by the U.S. bishops and legislators, passed March 22 by a vote of 256-167.
C.C. Pecknold
COMMENTARY: Official papers of the founder of the Institute for Religion and Public Life now archived at Catholic University of America.
Peter Jesserer Smith
President Trump has ended ‘Temporary Protected Status’ for migrants from four different countries: El Salvador, Haiti, Nicaragua and Sudan.
Mary Rezac/CNA/EWTN News
Saginaw police cited a lack of diocesan cooperation as a principal reason for the raid.
Christine Rousselle/CNA/EWTN News
One of the few remaining pro-life Democrats narrowly won the Democratic primary election Tuesday night for Illinois’ 3rd District.
Paul Kengor
COMMENTARY: The newly elected congressman is in the company with Ted Kennedy, Joe Biden and Nancy Pelosi, and puts him at odds with Pittsburgh Bishop David Zubik.
Father Raymond J. de Souza
Steven D. Greydanus
Jim Caviezel co-stars as St. Luke the Evangelist in Affirm Films’ drama about the last days of St. Paul and the struggles of the Roman Christian community in the days of Nero.
Culture of Life
Zoe Romanowsky
Speaking to the Register, the Republican congresswoman eloquently responds to a recent Washington Post commentary that advocated abortion of unborn Down syndrome babies.
Joan Frawley Desmond
During March 20 oral arguments, justices on both sides of the court’s ideological divide indicated concern about the law’s constitutionality.
Joseph Pronechen
Feast day feature
Nicholas Wolfram Smith
As the diocese turns 30, it dedicates a beautiful edifice.
E. Christian Brugger
COMMENTARY: Only fraternal episcopal interventions can now hope to avert what is sure otherwise to be a spiritual catastrophe for the Catholic Church.
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