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Tom Hoopes
User’s Guide to Sunday, July 23
Lynn Cassella-Kapusinski
BOOK REVIEW: Torn Asunder: Children, the Myth of the Good Divorce, and the Recovery of Origins
Doreen Abi Raad
Christians, Muslims and ethnic minorities gathered to forge a path of understanding.
Donald DeMarco
COMMENTARY: The life of the Catholic convert and physician serves as a model for a world that is in critical need of moral guidance and personal heroism.
Thomas Craughwell
Because Mary Magdalene was granted the privilege of announcing the Resurrection, she was given the title, “Apostle to the Apostles.”
Father Arne Panula, who most recently served as director of the Catholic Information Center in Washington, passed away July 19.
Judge sanctions David Daleiden, his Center for Medical Progress and his criminal defense lawyers for disclosing videos.
Rebecca Taylor
COMMENTARY: Great evils are being performed on human embryos in the name of serving life by eliminating and curing disease.
Culture of Life
The amendment could help the Gard family pursue additional treatment for Charlie, who suffers from a rare mitochondrial disease.
R.R. Reno
COMMENTARY: The essay’s rhetoric of ‘inclusion’ and accusations of ‘fundamentalism’ immediately taint it with an aggressive cultural progressivism.
Matthew E. Bunson
The Princeton professor, a leading voice for civil discourse, discusses the polarized state of America.
Steven D. Greydanus
The World War II-era drama is not only Christopher Nolan’s best film, but it also serves as an antithesis — even an antidote — to all the others.
The Editors
EDITORIAL: With no time to lose, Catholics should press their representatives in the Senate to take up the bill. Further, the U.S. bishops can do more to raise awareness.