Three Unexpected Films for Lent; Bombshell: New Evidence Exonerates Convicted Clerics and Much More!

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Three Unexpected Films for Lent by Michael Lichens of Saint Austin Review -

Philly Bombshell: New Evidence Further Exonerates Wrongfully Convicted Clerics; Will Justice Be Served? Will the Media Ever Take Notice? – David F. Pierre Jr.,

A Philosophy of Style – Emma Smith, Ignitum Today

The Academic who Read The God Delusion then Turned to God – Francis Phillips, The Catholic Herald

Why Can't My Son Receive The Eucharist? by Anna N. Keating -

Clean Livin’ and Fancy Footwork: Holy Thursday Washing of Women's Feet – David L. Alexander, Man With Black Hat

Contraception at Villanova - Ryan Mayer, Catholic Stand

Blessed Beans: How the Pope Baptized Coffee – Sam Guzman, Catholic Exchange

The Church’s One Foundation – Don. R. McClarey JD, The American Catholic

Why I Used Birth Control, and Five Reasons I Wish I Hadn’t – Shawn McAfee

When God Spits On You - Victoria Gisondi, Catholic Stand

Catholic Economics: The Medieval Period was Imperfect, but We Can Learn from It – Daniel Schwindt, Aleteia

Bishop Jugis on Charlotte Scandal: Can’t We All Just Get Along? – Don. R. McClarey JD, The American Catholic

Much Ado About Who-Knows-What in Charlotte Scandal – Dr. Ed Peters, In the Light of the Law

Priests Unhappy with the New Mass Translation? Survey Proves Nothing – Phil Lawler, On the News

In Defense of the Family – Mathew Tyson, Mackerel Snapper

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