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New Missal is like Buried Treasure, Fathoming the Mercy of God, and Pink Smoke Over the Vatican...

New Missal Translation Will Be Like Rediscovering Buried Treasure - Bishop Peter Elliott, The Record (Australia)

BYU is a Model of Principle - Jake Tawney, Roma locuta est

Fathoming the Mercy of God - Doctor Jeff Mirus, Catholic Culture/In Depth Analysis

Bad Mass = Weak Faith - Cindy Wooden, Catholic News Service

...Father John Zuhlsdorf comments here...

Here Comes Ash Wednesday. There Goes Your Media? - Steven D. Greydanus, CatholicExchange

Nun Run Anyone? - Joseph Pronechen, National Catholic Register

England: The Convocation of 1559 A.D. - Stephanie A. Mann, Supremacy and Survival

“Pink Smoke Over the Vatican” - California Catholic Daily

US: “The Boys of Jay Street”: Saint James Academy, 1851-1933 A.D. - Pat McNamara

Don’t Sponsor a Monk or Nun! - Richard Collins, Linen on the Hedgerow

The Nun Praised by Henry VIII as a ‘Diligent Bee’ - Catholic Herald

David Williams: Kentucky’s Pro-Life Champion - Lisa Graas

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