The Benedict Option Meets the Buckley Option, Epic Authors Tell Epic Confession Stories and More!

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Democracy Isn’t the Problem: The Benedict Option Meets the Buckley Option by Andrew T. Walker of Public Discourse - Big Pulpit

German Idealism and Cardinal Kasper’s Theological Project – Thomas Heinrich Stark PhD, The Catholic World Report

Nine Epic Authors Tell 13 Epic Confession Stories - David Rummelhoff, Epic Pew

Why Same-Sex Couples Possess No Conjugal Rights - Joseph Arias, Crisis Magazine

Clergy, Heretics, and Heretical Synods: Been There, Done That by Guy McClung JD, PhD of Catholic Lane - Big Pulpit

The Powerful Humility of Mothers – James M. Littleton,

The Trouble with Transhumanism – Nicene Guy, Ignitum Today

Book Review: Michael Foley’s Drinking with the Saints – Peter Kwasniewski, New Liturgical Movement

How to Bury Your Baby After a Miscarriage – Jo Anna Wahlund, Catholic Stand

11 Catholic Things To Do This Summer - Brother Dominic Bouck OP, Aleteia∝

Bishop Lawrence Scanlan: Spreading the Faith in Utah in 1873 – Donald R. McClarey JD, The American Catholic

Bruce Jenner: What Does Love Demand? Part 1 – Misty, Catholic Lane

Jeb Bush Describes His Conversion to Catholicism - John Burger, Aleteia∝

Bruce Jenner, Heroism, and Individuality Run Amok. . . – Carlos Espinosa, Living The Faith On A High Wire

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