Pope Francis: The Hidden Vatican and The Church of the Media; Common Tactics of the Devil and More!

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Pope Francis, The Hidden Vatican, The Church of the Media, The Real Pontificate, The Quiet Revolution, and The Parallel Curia by Andrea Gagliarducci of Monday Vatican - Big Pulpit

Four Common Tactics of the Devil – Msgr. Charles Pope, Aleteia∝

St. James the Martyr, Perfect for 21st-Century Persecution - Laura Hensley, Epic Pew

The Crises of Saints – Jeffrey L. Morrow PhD, Crisis Magazine

Antoni Gaudi: The Saintly Architect Who Unsettles Atheists by Francis Phillips of Catholic Herald Magazine - Big Pulpit

SNAP Targets Father Lockwood; Prayers Needed – Steve Skojec, One Peter 5

The Family: A Light in a Dark World - Kevin Aldrich, Catholic Stand

Another Good Reason to Home School: Socialization as a Religious Phenomenon - Gary L. Welton PhD, The CWR Blog

A Fatima Novena for the Conversion of Muslims – Trent Auguston, One Peter 5

Ethical Fashion: Do You Care That a Slave Made Your Dress? – Jessica Claire, Restless Press

Controversy Over Junipero Serra Sainthood: Not All Media Settle for Reporting – Jim Davis, Get Religion

‘All Tolerance (of the Traditional Latin Mass) Ends Here’ – Patrick McKinley Brennan JD, Mirror of Justice

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Federal Bureau of Investigation Director Christopher Wray testifies Tuesday before the Senate Judiciary Committee at the Hart Senate Office Building on Capitol Hill in Washington, D.C.

FBI Investigation of Catholics, and Advent Reflections From a Former Muslim (Dec. 9)

A new report released this week details the extent of the FBI’s weaponization of law enforcement against traditional Catholics. Catholic News Agency staff writer Joe Bukuras brings us the latest about how far the FBI went in looking for possible domestic terrorists within traditional churches. Also, we hear the conversion story of Register blogger Zubair Simonson who wrote, ‘Advent Thoughts About Gaza and Israel, From a Muslim Who Became Catholic.’