Papa Bene's Possible Tweets, Bp. Trautman Did Good, Anglican-Catholic Dialogue, and much more!

The Best in Catholic Blogging

Other Possible Tweets by Papa Bene - Jeff Miller, The Curt Jester

A Pope, a Tweet, a New World - Brad Birzer, Catholic Vote

Bishop Trautman Might Be Most Known for Forbidding Honors to Pro-Aborts - Cardinal Newman Society/Campus Notes

The Difficult Dialogue Between Catholics & Anglicans - Alessandro Speciale, La Stampa/Vatican Insider

U.S.: Agenda Behind Botched Pledge Still a Mystery - Marybeth Hicks, Catholic Lane

Anniversary Gifts For Wymynpreests - LarryD, Acts of the Apostasy

San Diego Parish Incident of Funeral for Homosexual was a “Set-Up” - California Catholic Daily

Schism in New Jersey - Father John Zuhlsdorf, What Does The Prayer Really Say?

Afghanistan: Four Muslim Militants Behead a Christian Convert - Catholic Online

. . .La Stampa: alarm bells ring in Middle East for fate of Christians. . .

Yes, You Really Do Hate God - Patrick Archbold, Creative Minority Report

The End of the Republic - Anthony S. Layne, Outside the Asylum

Reactions to Governor Andrew Cuomo, New York Times Columnist Maureen Dowd, & “Gay Marriage” in New York State -

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