For Catholics Following the Synod Too Closely Is Path to Sorrow, Persecuted Christians and More. . .

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For Many Catholics Following the Synod Too Closely Is a Path to Sorrow by Francis Phillips of Catholic Herald Magazine - Big Pulpit

Syria Christians ‘Begging’ West to Help Refugees – Dan Meloy, Catholic San Francisco

Conspiracies and Catholicism: Devil’s Advocate – Foxfier, Catholic Stand

ISIS Keeps Killing Christians: Why Is This Merely ‘Conservative News’? – Terry Mattingly, Get Religion

Forget Trust Falls; Try a Game of Throws – Nic Davidson, Ignitum Today

Syrian Town of Christian Martyrs Licks its Wounds – Arthur Herlin, Aleteia

The Vulnerability of Refugees – Julie Machado, Catholic Stand

Synod Update for Tuesday Morning – Big Pulpit

Theological Conundrum for Reformers – George Weigel, First Things

Synod: Finding Inoffensive Language While Remaining Faithful to Gospel – Robert Royal, The Catholic Thing

Is the Homosexual Tendency a Complex Reality? – John Collins, Crisis Magazine

U. S. States Will Be Able to Defund Planned Parenthood – Catholic Herald Magazine

Europe Struggles to Deal with Refugee Crisis – Jonathan Luxmoore, OSV Newsweekly

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