Five Simple Lessons About Priests, Tips for Getting Comfortable With Evangelization and Much More!

The Best in Catholic Blogging

Five Simple Lessons About Priests by Cynthia Buttjer of The Dead Philosopher’s Society - Big Pulpit

Stakes High for May 22 Irish Vote on Marriage – Michael Kelly, OSV Newsweekly

Missed Conceptions – Karen Reep, Catholic Stand

The Battle Britain’s Christians Need to Fight – Tim Montgomerie, Catholic Herald Magazine

Tips for Getting Comfortable With Evangelization – Jeff Mirus PhD, Catholic Culture

New In-Depth You Tube Series on Accompanying Gregorian Chant – Ben Yanke, The Chant Café

Quæritur: ‘Getting Rid’ of Hosts – Fr. Z’s Blog

The Real Culprit Is Our Outlaw Judiciary – Robert Lowry Clinton, Crisis Magazine

Spanish Film Brings Story of ‘Three Rebel Monks’ to Life – Catholic News Agency

Three Things We Have In Common With Pagan Rome - Russell E. Saltzman, Aleteia∝

Catholic History: The ‘High Drama’ of the Faith – Kevin Schmiesing, The CWR Blog

Quæritur: Baptized Greek Orthodox But Left – Fr. Z’s Blog

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