A List of Requirements for My Future Husband, The Booming Order of Dominican Nuns and Much More!

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A List of Requirements for My Future Husband by Emmy Nika of The Nika Gals - BigPulpit.com

Archbishop Cupich Calmly Ballistic at Lack of Girl Altar Servers - Chris Jackson

10 Fit Bible Characters - Shaun McAfee, Epic Pew

Southern Baptist Seminarian Becomes Catholic - The Coming Home Network International

Pope Francis’s True Agenda by William Doino Jr. of First Things - BigPulpit.com

Can We Know God’s Existence with Certainty? - Dr. Edward Feser, Strange Notions

Politico Get’s Pope Francis Wrong – Donald R. McClarey JD, The American Catholic

Turkey’s Increasing Persecution of Christians – Ed West, Catholic Herald

Win Books and a Kindle: Epic Holiday Giveaway – Epic Pew

Advent Saints Craft, Printable Ornaments for Kids – Lacy, Catholic Icing

The Booming and Thriving Order of the Daughters of the Eucharist by Kathy Schiffer of Seasons of Grace - BigPulpit.com

Has Adam Smith’s Capitalism Ever Been Tried? – David W. Cooney, Practical Distributism

Conspiracies and Catholicism: Monk-y Business – Foxfier, Catholic Stand

Catholic Rural Life – William L. Patenaude, The Catholic World Report

My Battle Against Hitler: A Review – Luke Arredondo, Ignitum Today

Syllabus of Errors Still Relevant 150 Years Later – Russell Shaw, OSV Newsweekly

Theology: To Teach or Not To Teach – Todd Nolan, Catholic Stand

The “Problem” with Praying to the Saints - Dan Burke, Integrated Catholic Life™

Understanding Catholic France – Harry Stevens, Regina Magazine

Turkey’s Successful Final Solution of The Armenians – Philip Jenkins, Aleteia∝

Home for Christmas – Denis J. Hunnell MD, Catholic Stand

Catholic Vietnam – Christine Niles, Regina Magazine

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