EWTN News Nightly TV EXCLUSIVE: David Daleiden Discusses His Latest Video, New Charges Against Him

The lead investigator for The Center for Medical Progress spoke with Lauren Ashburn March 29.

(photo: EWTN News Nightly With Lauren Ashburn)
WASHINGTON — The Center for Medical Progress, led by investigator David Daleiden, released a new video March 29, continuing the group’s efforts to show the gruesome realities of the abortion industry and to make Planned Parenthood “accountable under the law” for “selling baby parts for profit.”

The 12-minute video, part of a series of videos captured by Daleiden and his team during three years of investigation, shows an abortion doctor and former medical director at Planned Parenthood Arizona casually describing her techniques for performing abortions after 20 weeks, what happens when an aborted child “shows signs of life” and the “tricky” issues that would be involved in harvesting fetal tissue for research.

The latest video was released the day after California State Attorney General Xavier Becarra charged Daleiden and co-investigator Sandra Merritt with 14 felony counts for invading the privacy of medical providers by filming without their consent and another count of criminal conspiracy to invade privacy.

Undaunted by the charges, Daleiden spoke to veteran journalist Lauren Ashburn in an exclusive TV interview on EWTN News Nightly With Lauren Ashburn.


As we mentioned earlier in the program, the Center for Medical Progress’ explosive undercover video graphically describes late-term abortion. David Daleiden, the man who captured that undercover video, joins us now from our studio in Orange County, California. David, thank you so much for joining us.

Lauren, it’s great to be back on with you.


Tell me why you are releasing this new video today. What do you hope to accomplish?

Well, I think that the public and the public’s elected representatives need to be reminded of the truly barbaric nature of Planned Parenthood’s late-term abortion business, baby-body-parts selling business. And the public debate at this really critical time — when we’re on the cusp of stopping forcing taxpayers to subsidize the biggest monster abortion business in the country — that public debate needs to be fully informed. And so, videotapes like this, we’re going to continue releasing in the coming weeks here.


As you were listening to Dr. Taylor talking about late-term abortion, what was going through your mind?

You know, I have to say that that was — that conversation, at a very swanky Planned Parenthood networking reception — one of the most disturbing conversations that we had early on, during the course of the investigative project — when she said that she feels it in her biceps when she’s doing a dismemberment abortion with forceps on a late-term baby, I almost dropped my wine when I heard that. And I’d already heard a lot of stuff at that point, but that was shocking to me.


The other piece of that, was that, it seems, at least you’re saying in your press release, that you believe that she has committed infanticide. Do you have any proof of that?

Well, I think it should be troubling to everyone, and I think it’s prima facie evidence for law enforcement. When you ask a late-term abortion doctor — who does procedures on 5- and 6-month-old healthy, viable children — “Is there a standard procedure for verifying the signs of life in the baby that comes out in one piece?” which is what you’re supposed to do under the law, and her response is to laugh and say: “You know, the key is, you need to pay attention to who else is in the room with you” — when that happens, those aren’t the words of someone who’s following the law. Those are the words of someone who’s covering up something that’s really, really grave, and it could be infanticide.


Now, do you believe that it’s coincidence that today you were charged in California with 15 felonies? Did you know those charges were coming?

No, the charges are really bogus, in a lot of ways. The charges are all based on the California recording law, which is not triggered and isn’t an issue so long as the conversations that are being taped are public conversations happening out in the open, in a public area, which every last video tape that’s referenced in the attorney general’s complaint was. So we weren’t expecting them to file such a, really such a weak case, a case that probably won’t survive a couple of motions to dismiss.

But I do think, in a broad sense — I don’t think it’s a coincidence, that when Planned Parenthood really has their head on the chopping block here, with the new administration, with a pro-life Congress that has the votes, and can defund them pretty imminently here with the reconciliation bill that a lot of people are talking about, I don’t think it’s a coincidence that Planned Parenthood is very, very desperate right now, and they’re going to be lashing out in any direction that they can, and in every direction that they can, because they are faced with imminent extinction.


After the last round of videos was released, there was a House Select Committee put together, and they found some of those Planned Parenthood affiliates; they sent those cases to the FBI and to the Department of Justice for criminal prosecution. Is that your goal, criminal prosecution?

Absolutely. Planned Parenthood is not above the law. The kinds of atrocities against humanity that they have been committing in their late-term abortion and baby-parts business over the past decade, and longer, are horrific. Americans are shocked and horrified by it. We don’t want our tax dollars to contribute to something like that. And Planned Parenthood needs to be held accountable to the law, like any other organization. The fact that they have been selling baby body parts for profit needs to be prosecuted on a federal level to the full extent of the law —


But they say that …  

And the evidence is all there in the very good investigative work done over the past year by the House Select Investigative Panel, and an over 2,000-page report with exhibits and documentation, and also the report by the Senate Judiciary Committee.


But I think other people would say that there is not that proof yet, and there have been no charges. And I think that you’re leading the fight in that battle. But wouldn’t you agree that you’re not quite there yet?

No, we won’t be there yet. Justice won’t be served until Planned Parenthood is indicted for their criminal role in the harvesting and trafficking of baby body parts for profit, for the way that they have commodified the little hearts and lungs and livers and brains of our unborn brothers and sisters.

The evidence is there. The congressional investigations got the contracts with companies like StemExpress and Advanced Bioscience Resources. They’ve got the invoices. Now, this is very interesting. They haven’t released the invoices, so that’s something that they ought to do, because the public has a right to know: the actual invoices that Planned Parenthood would fill out and send to their business partners like StemExpress, charging per baby body part that was harvested; those documents would be the foundation of a federal criminal case against Planned Parenthood, and they need to come to light for all the world to see.


Before I let you go, David, there have been charges — you have been accused of doctoring videos, doctoring the videos that you released in 2015. And I want you to go on the record and say, on this case, did you or did you not doctor those videos?

I will go on the record. The video camera doesn’t lie. And if Planned Parenthood is going to try and evade any kind of public scrutiny by relying on that tired, old talking point, then the challenge to Planned Parenthood today is: If there’s anything that’s inaccurate about my videotapes, if they want to try and say that these are not Planned Parenthood doctors, these are not Planned Parenthood executives who are featured on those tapes, then let those individuals come forward. Put their senior director of medical services, Deborah Nucatola, on CNN. Put them on Fox News. Put them out in public. Let them come forward and say, “That is not my face”; “that is not my image”; “that is not my voice.”

Let them say that those are not their words captured on video camera, for all of history to see, saying these things that the public is so horrified about, and that we’ve all been so shocked by. Planned Parenthood can’t prove that. The video camera doesn’t lie. These are their own people, their own leadership, and their own words, and they need to be held accountable for it.


David Daleiden, project lead for the Center for Medical Progress, thank you so much for joining us.

Thanks, Lauren.

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