Prolife Victories

How Abortion Hurts Women

AGAPEPRESS, Oct. 25 — “Faces of Abortion,” a new television and radio series, exposes viewers to women who have experienced abortion and now oppose it.

It is the first time women are “going on television to tell the stories of what their abortions did to them,” said foundation director Alan Parker.

The women featured in the series, which began airing in some places in late October, tell stories of post-abortion depression, sterility, suicide attempts, miscarriages, stillborn births, increased chances of breast cancer and other abortion-related medical problems that have devastated their lives. For more information, call (210) 614-7157.

British Doctors vs. Suicide

MEDICALNET, Oct. 21 — Expressing the view of the majority of English doctors, the British Medical Association and its ethics committee have taken a stand in opposition to euthanasia and physician-assisted suicide.

Even England's Voluntary Euthanasia Society conceded that its own survey found that 53% of the nation's doctors would permit euthanasia “under no circumstances.”

Far from being a “muddled” point of view, as some have claimed, the organization's clear position has been submitted to the House Of Lords Select Committee on Assisted Dying for the Terminally Ill.

Canadian Web Adoptions

CNEWS, Oct. 24 — Thousands more children are being adopted in Canada, thanks to greatly expanded use of websites that allow prospective parents to see photos and read case histories of children who are available for adoption.