Prolife Victories

Denouncing Divorce

THE NEW YORK POST, Feb. 22 — While many in New York and around the country are advocating “unilateral divorce,” an even looser form of no-fault divorce, columnist Maggie Gallagher took note of some important “separatists.”

Raoul Felder, one of New York’s most prominent divorce lawyers, told the Post that unilateral no-fault divorce “means that every man who has lots of money doesn’t have to go before a judge and explain why he wants to break not only a legal, but a moral and ethical contract.”

Felder was recently joined by Marcia Pappas, head of New York’s chapter of the National Organization for Women, who publicly denounced unilateral no-fault divorce because it hurts women and kids by not requiring that a couple hammer out a detailed separation agreement one year in advance of the final divorce decree.

“Nationwide, unilateral divorce has produced more divorces, longer divorces, uglier divorces,” said John Crouch, a Virginia divorce lawyer who is president of Americans for Divorce Reform, “which,” wrote Gallagher, “works to bring to other states the kind of marriage law New York is about to abandon.”

To that end, Gallagher reported that “the Georgia Legislature has just passed a new law expanding waiting periods for divorce.”

Altar-Ready Awakening

INDEPENDENT ONLINE, Feb. 25 — Brian Paolo of Cheshire, England, woke from a coma after his life support was switched off — and 10 days later gave his daughter away at her wedding.

His daughter Anne-Marie said: “The doctors had prepared us for the worst and it looked like they were right.

“I couldn’t believe it when he started to recover and we realized he would be there for the wedding. The doctors and nurses said they had never seen anything like it — they were astounded.

“They had told us there was no way he would be coming to our wedding and we had watched them take the tubes out of his neck,” she added. “I’ve never seen anyone look so gray.”

Brian said: “I didn’t think I would make it. … [T]he doctors had given up on me.”


Abortion Limits Now!

CALGARY HERALD, Feb. 26 — One of Calgary’s mainstream newspapers wants to set a limit on how far into pregnancies abortions may be done in Canada.

In an editorial published Feb. 26, the newspaper said it’s time Canada follows the example of most Western nations in imposing some legal restrictions on abortions. The article relates the various limits of 12 to 24 weeks gestation in place in European nations as examples to emulate.

“It is absurd that alone among its peers, Canadians cannot create a moderate, well-conceived law regulating when, and under what circumstances, a pregnancy can be terminated,” the editorial stated.

The Herald pointed out that 52% of all Canadians think there should be some laws restricting abortion access. Canada’s present policy of allowing abortions at any time during pregnancy, for any reason, represents the viewpoint of only one third of the country’s population.