House Bans Military Abortions

PRO-LIFE INFONET, Sept. 25 — The House of Representatives Sept. 24 rejected an amendment that would have allowed abortions in American military facilities overseas.

The amendment was defeated 217 to 199 during consideration of a 343 billion-dollar defense bill.

The amendment was sponsored by pro-abortion Rep. Loretta Sanchez, DCalif.

The House has consistently rejected similar attempts by Sanchez and other pro-abortion lawmakers in the past. The Senate has also voted against such amendments.

Pakistani Opposes Aborting Girls

DAWN.COM, Sept. 28-A prominent member of the Pakistan Medical Association has urged doctors not to abort unborn girls on the basis of their sex, said the online version of the magazine. Speaking Sept. 27, professor Yasmin Rashid observed that many ultrasound clinics were involved in the “dirty business” of pre-natal sex determination.

However, she said that Pakistan was at the forefront of advanced prenatal testing for genetic anomalies.

She reminded lab stafffers that “all the staff members working in our diagnostic lab are on oath that whatever is the situation we will never tell the sex of unborn child,” and added that now it was possible to find out the sex of child at a very early stage.

RU-486 Abortion Drug Unpopular

ASSOCIATED PRESS, Sept. 24 — Only 6% of gynecologists have ever prescribed the dangerous RU-486 drug, according to a survey conducted by the Kaiser Family Foundation. The FDA approved the drug a year ago.

Proponents of legalizing RU-486 had maintained it would be in high demand as a way to keep abortion private, but their predictions have not proved accurate.

EU: ‘Ban Reproductive Cloning’

C-FAM, Sept. 27 — France and Germany have persuaded the European Union to campaign at the United Nations against human reproductive cloning, according to C-Fam, a pro-life U.N. lobbying group.

In response to reports that scientists in the United States and Europe are trying to clone human beings, the two countries led the Union in petitioning the U.N. General Assembly “to create an international convention” banning such cloning.

The petition did not address the issue of therapeutic cloning, in which human embryos are created for research purposes, and not for reproduction.

In the anti-cloning campaign, C-Fam said that pro-life advocates will be allied with the European Union, which is usually their opponent because it is “very pro-abortion.”