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Philly Library Gives Kids Access to Lewd Materials

URBAN FAMILY COUNCIL, Mar. 3—Philadelphia Free Library head Flliot Shelkrot revealed before the Philadelphia City Council hearings this week that the library's policy is to allow children 12 and older access to all library materials, including videos and computer software, regardless of their ratings.

Urban Family president William Devlin said, “Basically the head of the Free Library has said, ‘Let them have pornography and violence.’ … Are there any responsible adults left in the Free Library system in Philadelphia?”

Said Devlin, “One would think that, after all the youth violence we've seen in our urban, suburban and rural areas, that responsible adults would attempt to exercise a fiduciary responsibility with our kids.

“This isn't about censorship; this is about setting an example for our kids and putting them in contact with positive, life-affirming experiences. Do 12 year olds need more violence and sexual degradation of women?”

A New College Hopes to Up Enrollment

WASHINGTON POST, Mar. 5—Officials at the nation's first college geared to Christian home-schoolers said last week that they will offer admission to about 60 students, with hopes of enrolling twice that many before Patrick Henry College opens in September, the Washington Post reports.

Michael P. Farris, president of the Home School Legal Defense Association and founder and president of the Patrick Henry College, said he is aiming for a first-year enrollment of 120 to 130 students at the campus, which is under construction in Purcellville, Va. The eventual target is about 600.

But to do that, Farris needs to attract more than the 75 applications he has received or expects to be filed, the Post reported.

“We frankly would like a few more applicants,” said Farris.

He said the number of applications may be lagging because applications for admission became available only in January, a month after the State Council of Higher Education gave college officials permission to proceed.

Initially, Patrick Henry will offer only bachelor's degrees in government, in keeping with its mission to train a new generation of Christian conservative political leaders. Students will spend part of their time in class and part working in public policy jobs.

Patrick Henry will also have a dress code, prohibitions on alcohol and drugs and strict rules about dating, the Post reported. If an on-campus relationship becomes serious, the boy will be strongly encouraged to ask the girls’ parents for their consent to continue dating.

President Donald Trump during his speech at a "Thank You" Tour rally held at the Giant Center in Hershey, Pa.

President Trump: ‘Faith in God’ Helps Unite Nation

In an apparent reference to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic and months of demonstrations and civil unrest across several U.S. cities over racial justice issues, Trump said that faith was an important support for civil and national unity.