Catholic Identity College Guide 2018

A look at 38 faithfully Catholic colleges and universities.

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Looking for a list of Catholic colleges to consider? Here is the complete pdf guide from the Sept. 16, 2018, print edition.

If you would like us to consider your college or university for the next guide, please download and complete the Register's “College & University Statement of Fidelity.”

View our online version to see individual entries here.


Editor's Note: School of the Annunciation was added online after print press time.

Clockwise from top left: Donnelly College, Thomas Aquinas College East, Wyoming Catholic College, the University of Dallas and the Augustine Institute are among the faithfully Catholic colleges that are featured in our annual ‘Catholic Identity College Guide.’

The Case for Catholic Colleges

EDITORIAL: Faithfully Catholic colleges know a personal and mature relationship with Jesus is the only sure guidepost to a life of integrity and holiness today — a life that will continue to mature and bear fruit well after graduation.