Campus Watch

Rattling Sex-Ed

THE WASHINGTON POST, Sept. 27 — College sex-ed classes “typically use far more graphic materials than do high schools,” and have led to increasing criticism of what many consider the pseudo-discipline of sexuality studies, reported the Post.

In recent years, the issue of what is appropriate for such classes has “rattled some colleges and universities,” said the newspaper, which bemoaned the trend.

“There has been an increasing attack on sexuality education in the college classroom,” said Gilbert Herdt, director of San Francisco State University's program in human sexuality. “The result is that college professors are more careful about what they teach.”

Hunting Witches

DES MOINES REGISTER, Sept. 26 — The Iowa daily's article on the current apostolic visitation to American seminaries hewed closely to the story line typical of the mainstream media, including the comment that many see the Vatican review as a “gay witch hunt” that will only drive homosexual seminarians and priests deeper into the “closet.”

This prompted Bene-dictine Father Benedict Neenan, president-rector of Conception Seminary College in Conception, Mo., to say: “The purpose is not a witch hunt, although there may be some witches who need to be hunted.”

To its credit, the newspaper also reported that its own informal poll of those going to Mass on a recent Sunday indicated that Catholics “approve of the policy” of not admitting homosexuals to seminary.

All ’bout Football

MARION COLLEGE, Sept. 29 — The Indianapolis college has hired former Kalamazoo College coach and physical education professor Joseph Haklin as the college's first full-time athletic director since 1979.

In keeping with Marian's growth initiatives, and based on “studies [that] have shown athletic programs have a direct correlation with student enrollment,” the college's press release announced that “one of Haklin's initial tasks will be to prepare a business plan for the development of a football team.”

Founded and administered by the Sisters of St. Francis, Marian has been co-ed since 1954.

Victorian Values

BBC NEWS, Sept. 26 — The southwest London borough of Kingston is reviving a Victorian approach to tackling “the stubborn problem of truancy,” reported the BBC.

While other education authorities are trying high-tech monitoring, cash rewards or jail threats for the parents of errant pupils, Kingston is presenting a “Mayor's Medal” to students with 100% attendance record for a whole year.

Not issued since 1920, “this upright, municipal recognition of perfect attendance” was very popular prior to World War I.

Any effort to stem the tide of truancy is probably welcome as an estimated 55,000 British pupils skip school each day.

Drinking Ban

ALBANY TIMES UNION, Oct. 20 — While it's not unusual for colleges to ban drinking in dormitories, Siena College in upstate New York has banned drinking outside dorms or any public outdoor area on campus.

Officials at the college in suburban Albany say the new policy is in response to some problems that have taken place at parties held outside student apartments earlier this semester.

The policy covers all beverages, including bottled water.

Representing the Holy Spirit that descended “like a dove” and hovered over Jesus when he was baptized.

Bishop Burbidge: The Pandemic is Our ‘Pentecost Moment’

This “21st century Pentecost moment” brought on by the pandemic, Bishop Michael Burbidge said, has underscored the need for good communication in the Church across all forms of media, in order to invite people into the fullness of the Gospel.