The Kairos of Mercy: Restoring Our Relationship With God


Giuseppe Molteni (1800-1867), The Confession
Giuseppe Molteni (1800-1867), The Confession (photo: Register Files / Public Domain)

“Receive the Holy Spirit,” said the risen Lord to his apostles. “If you forgive the sins of any, they are forgiven. If you retain the sins of any, they are retained.” The sacrament of Penance, instituted by Christ himself, is one of the greatest gifts of Divine Mercy, but it is widely neglected. To help rekindle a new appreciation for such a profound gift of Divine Mercy, the Register presents this special section.


Although the availability of sacrament of confession is now severely limited because of the coronavirus pandemic, this period of deprivation actually should deepen our appreciation for the sacrament. But according to a recent EWTN/RealClear Opinion Research survey, almost two-thirds of self-identified, U.S. Catholics currently don’t go to confession even once a year — the minimum frequency required by the Church.

Provided with the impetus to help the faithful embrace this gift of mercy, the Register presents this special section of commentary, resources and inspirational words from the saints on the sacrament of reconciliation to draw renewed attention to the necessity for the consistent renewal of our souls through the sacrament of reconciliation and to its manifold spiritual benefits. —The Editors

In This Series:

Ivan Aivazovsky, “Walking on Water,” ca. 1890

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