Thanks to You

Those who visited our website recently saw a campaign for donations as Lent ended. Here, I can reveal what happened and why.

Like many nonprofits, we are facing a funding crisis this year. When we saw an impending cash-flow problem, one of our donors — he wishes to remain anonymous — offered to double any donation made, up to $10,000. We invited readers to give up to the end of Lent on Holy Thursday. We watched the thermometer indicating the campaign’s total grow quickly the first weekend … then stop.

We hovered at just under $10,000, and then barely surpassed it. But then something unexpected happened: Over the Easter triduum, the donations kept coming.

In the end, we raised $14,054. The donor matched it all.

Our great gratitude goes to him and to all he inspired. We are still a long way from our year’s goal, but we know more than ever that strong support exists for our work of telling the true story of the Church and the world in our time.

Thank you, and God bless!