‘Sursum Corda’!

Publisher's Note

As you prepare for the summer and plan your down time over the coming weeks, I encourage you to rejuvenate your mind as well as your body.

To that end, I call to your attention the Register’s special four-page section in this issue, “Sursum Corda: 10 Suggestions for Rekindling the Literary Imagination,” inspired by our Church’s great literary tradition.

When we hear of “summer reading,” the material suggested is all too often the literary version of cotton candy, providing no nutrition for the mind or soul. Not so in “Sursum Corda,” aptly named for the Latin liturgical exhortation, “Lift up your hearts.” It celebrates an exciting premise: “Great literature offers us insight into our relationship with God and the world.”

I am grateful to Bishop James Conley of Lincoln, Neb., for providing his suggestions in these pages. From the classics to contemporary works, his recommendations are sure to provide motivation to encounter (or encounter anew) the treasure of reading.

May your summer reading this year inspire you, lifting up your heart, your mind, your imagination and your soul.

God bless you!