Register Reader Discusses Immigration Reality

Letters 12.04.22

Letters to the editor offer a variety of opinions.
Letters to the editor offer a variety of opinions. (photo:

Immigration Reality

Regarding “The Immigration Blame Game,” (Opinion, Oct. 9 issue): I strongly disagree with this editorial. Using the command to love our neighbor to enable people to break the law is not a good Christian option. Real love for neighbor might involve going out of our border to help people before they break laws. Be a missionary — give up your life for theirs. Real love also involved doing what the former administration did: increasing security at the border with walls and ICE so all people were safer, drug running was prevented, crime deterred, and trafficking slowed down. You seem to demonize both political sides, but that equalizes what they each do, and that is far from the truth and reality. You prejudge DeSantis’ motives as “obviously” political when he could easily have been motivated by charitable motives just as you claim you are — to help people and fix the problem! Your way of helping creates as much harm as his does: You enable the system to be broken and continue the increasing harm to society at large. Your way puts no pressure on this administration to end their negligent, lawless, do-nothing policies. It’s a scandal.

 Bernadette Crawford

 Orange Park, Florida