Readers Reflect on Mary, Catholic Moments on TV and Meeting With Jesus

Letters 12.18.22

Letters to the editor offer a variety of opinions.
Letters to the editor offer a variety of opinions. (photo:

Mary’s Fiat

The food of God’s Word feeds us in Scripture.

This inner nourishment makes clear the big picture. Adherence to his Word is what God embraces.

Have we been looking in all the right places?

When we gaze at the horizon, what do we see;

It’s the range of our sight that sets us free.

Are there worldly visions that beckon our call?

Or a spiritual canvas with no boundary at all.

What if we focused our gaze inward instead

As we pray “Give us this day our daily bread.”

Are we dreaming of being in a better place;

Make Advent our focus; look inward for grace.

Trust and obedience filled Mary’s heart —

The world’s most defining moment was about to start. We can be Mary and bring forth the same gift,

To a world filled with conflict that needs a big lift.

This is the blueprint we are gifted to share —

Eternal life our destiny, and Jesus our prayer.

Trust in God’s love, and let the good news be heard, “Let it be done to me according to your Word.”

Michael Rametta

Haverhill, Massachusetts 


Catholic Moments on TV

I greatly appreciated seeing your article on The Chosen TV series in your Oct. 23 edition (“The Faithful Women of The Chosen). Although not a Catholic production, it can be appreciated by all believers. Because the series is “extra biblical,” some Catholics have a problem with it. However, Scott Hahn and Father John Riccardo both recommend it. Also, Bishop Robert Barron serves as one of the religious advisers for the series. What is most amazing is that the creator of the series, evangelical Protestant Dallas Jenkins, is focusing on the apostles, which are usually ignored by Protestants. Jonathan Roumie, a devout Catholic, has won wide praise for his portrayal of Christ. There are two very Catholic moments in the series so far. One is where Mother Mary accompanies Mary Magdalene, who is confessing to Jesus and is forgiven. Second, in the series’ Christmas special, The Messengers, Mother Mary dictates the Magnificat to Mary Magdalene. Both scenes are extremely moving, as are many scenes of healing by Jesus. This series has been most helpful in pointing me to reading the Bible with greater understanding.

Edward Althoff

Evansville, Indiana


Thank You

Dear Msgr. Pope, thank you for your reflection on Zacchaeus (“To Make a Long Story Short,” User’s Guide to Sunday, Oct. 23 issue) — so excellent and helpful the way it relates to us meeting with Jesus.

 Marie Riordan

 Rhinebeck, New York