Honoring Christ’s Words and Good Journalism

Letters 05.21.23

Letters to the editor offer a variety of opinions.
Letters to the editor offer a variety of opinions. (photo: NCRegister.com)

Honoring Christ’s Words

Relevant to your recent coverage on the Church in Germany: Important Catholic Church leaders in Germany, and elsewhere, seem to want things their way but fail to show what they want is indeed Christ’s Way. 

I would make more of an effort to understand their arguments if they provided references to the Bible, especially the New Testament, and particularly to the Gospels. 

I would consider their arguments if they presented them like St. Thomas Aquinas did his: State and analyze the arguments against their view, showing how such arguments against their view are without merit. 

And then state and analyze the arguments for their views showing how their arguments align perfectly to sacred Scripture and long-acknowledged theologians. 

Will the German Church leaders tell us how they are diligently keeping Christ’s commandments? 

Will they also explain their view of Romans 1:18-32, especially verse 32? 

 Fred Snyder

 Roseville, California


Good Journalism

I have always been so impressed by your faithfulness to the teachings of the Catholic Church but also appreciate when you acknowledge “both sides of the story.” 

In the Feb. 12 issue, your story “Acquitted Mark Houck Discusses ‘Reckless’ FBI Raid” also mentioned that the FBI disputed some of his details on the arrest, and you included some of these details. 

In the same issue, in the story “Disparity in Abortion-Related Prosecutions Frustrates Pro-Life Leaders,” you included FBI Director Christopher Wray’s take on this. 

Even though it can be frustrating, discouraging, and, yes, infuriating sometimes to see what “the other side” has to say, it’s good journalism to include it. 

If only the secular press would follow your example!

 Nancy Dunne

 Hometown, Illinois



“The Public Consequences of Our Eucharistic Faith” (Publisher’s Note, May 7 issue) incorrectly stated the number of states in which “a priest could be prosecuted for following one of the most sacred laws of the Church”; the correct figure is 17 states.

 In addition, May 7’s “Holy See Is Preparing Text for Divorced-and-Remarried Couples” included the wrong publication year of St. John Paul II’s apostolic exhortation Familiaris Consortio. It was 1981. 

The Register regrets the errors.