What Women Want

The New York Times knows what women want.

In a laughably absurd editorial, the New York Times, along with all the government owned media, is desperate to derail the Mitt train and they are willing to throw their credibility on the tracks, again,  if that might help.


This editorial is a desperate attempt to drive a wedge between Mitt Romney and women by manufacturing a gaffe where none exists. They try to paint Mitt Romney as relic of the 50's and a former cast member of Happy Days (Has anyone ever seen Mitt and Ted McGinley in the same room? Just sayin'.)

They suggest that women should be upset because Romney said "binders of women" instead of "binders of women's resumes." But that is not it. Women should be outraged because Mitt suggested that women need flexibility with their schedules at work so the can be home with the kids and make dinner. The horror!! This prompted this amazing section of the editorial.

At this point we could practically hear his political consultants yelling “Stop!”

But Mr. Romney did not. “She said, I can’t be here until 7 or 8 o’clock at night. I need to be able to get home at 5 o’clock so I can be there for making dinner for my kids and being with them when they get home from school.”

Flexibility is a good policy. But what if a woman had wanted to go home to study Spanish? Or rebuild an old car? Or spend time with her lesbian partner? Would Mr. Romney have been flexible about that? Or if a man wanted similar treatment?

True equality is not satisfied by allowing the little lady to go home early and tend to her children.


Yes!! The NYTimes nails it. That is what real women want. They don't want to be with their children and make dinner. They want to come home to their lesbian lover working on an old V6 engine in the kitchenette and say "Hola mi amante lesbiana. ¿Quieres un vaso de Zinfandel blanco?"

This absurd little scene says more about the demented editorial staff than it does about Mitt Romney. Beyond the absurdity of it, look at how they view motherhood. They scoff at the idea that women want to be with their children, that motherhood is just another hobby choice like restoring an engine or learning Spanish.

They say "True equality is not satisfied by allowing the little lady to go home early and tend to her children." No true equality is served by aborting your children so you can work 70 hrs a week.

Oh by the way. CNN had that little tracker thingy going on during the debate and women loved when Romney talked about work flexibility. I guess they are not real women.