What “The Chosen” Gets Wrong About Cana, New Fatima Film To Open Today, And More Links!

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What “The Chosen” Gets Wrong About Cana – Edward Benet at Catholic Stand +1

Delayed Because of Pandemic, New Fatima Film to Open Today, August 28th – Jim Graves at The Catholic World Report +1

Why the Catholic Church is Deliberately Creating a New Generation of Victims – Joseph Sciambra at Sons of St. Joseph

The Power of Silence – Fr. Joseph Gill at Ignitum Today

Disney Features Bisexual Lead in Cartoon About Demons & Witchcraft, Targeting Children – ChurchPOP

Want More Great News Links?  Click Here! - Tito Edwards at Big Pulpit

Implementing Vatican II Was Already a Disaster in 1972, It’s 2020 & We Haven’t Fixed It – Fr. Allan J. McDonald at Southern Orders

Prayer as Punishment? – Cecily Lowe at Catholic Stand

My Thoughts On The Second Vatican Council – Fr. Z’s Blog

We’re Moving! Here’s Why – Deborah Gyapong at Anglicanorum Cœtibus Society Blog

Atheist Thinks We Should Sell Churches & Give Money to the Poor – Steve Ray at Defenders of the Catholic Church

What the Galileo Story Really Tells Us – J. Budziszewski, Ph.D., at The Underground Thomist

Several State-Run Protestant Churches Demolished in June – Lu An at Bitter Winter

The New York Times does Catholicism & Racism – David Griffey at Daffey Thoughts

God & the gods – Jimmy Akin’s Mysterious World

The Question of Catholic Integralism: An Internet Genealogy – John G. Brungardt, Ph.D., at The Josias

Introducing the Kyrie Orbis Factor at Incarnation Catholic Church – Steven Rabanal at The Acolyte's Toolbox

The Western Liturgy’s “Sonic Iconostasis”: Latin, Chant, & Silence – Peter A. Kwasniewski, Ph.D., at New Liturgical Movement