What Being Pro-Life Means, and Why I’m Pro-Life

I’m pro-life… because preborn children can’t speak for themselves.

(photo: Register Files)

My three oldest daughters and I are joining about 500,000 people from across the country today as we attend the March for Life in Washington D.C. Over the course of this past year I’ve heard more wildly misguided opinions and assumptions than ever that many in our society have about the meaning of “pro-life.” While I can’t speak for everyone, I’m sure I speak for many, and this is what being “pro-life” means to me:

Being pro-life means having a profound reverence for all human life – that we’re each made in God’s image and likeness. It means we aspire to see the dignity in everyone and honor that dignity from conception through natural death. It means being a good steward of all the other life forms on Earth that have been provided to us for companionship, assistance and food. It means being a good steward of all the other resources at our disposal, as well, and making sure we aren’t reckless in unnecessarily polluting the Earth.

Being pro-life means realizing our bodies are temples. And as the caretaker of a temple, it means not polluting our bodies with that which is unhealthy, including hormonal contraceptives which damage a woman’s body, damage marriages, damage the environment in ways we’re only beginning to understand, and which cause early abortions.

Being pro-life means looking out for others — offering a hand-up to whatever degree we are able. It means pausing to notice the face of Jesus in everyone we encounter, and treating that person accordingly. It means recognizing that the suffering, the imprisoned, the old, and the dying are still valued — not based on their usefulness or quality of life, but simply because they ARE — because they’re images of God and they are loved by him. That, all by itself, gives each person infinite worth and dignity.

I’m pro-life… because preborn children can’t speak for themselves.

I’m pro-life… because people really are our greatest asset. I genuinely believe that more people, therefore, is a good thing – in all its messiness and chaos and challenges that ‘more’ brings. Every single person adds something unique to humanity.

I’m pro-life… because it helps me be a more selfless person. Looking out for others, regardless of their circumstances, helps me to grow and to be a better person. And Lord knows I need all the help I can get with that.

I’m pro-life… because YOU matter – even if life has dealt you a whole series of cruel blows – your True Worth is never in doubt. Nothing anyone can do to you – nor anything you can do to yourself – can ever change that value placed on you by God.

I'm pro-life... because having dealt with infertility issues, including a miscarriage, my wife and I recognize that a child is not a right, but a privilege.

I'm pro-life... because my oldest daughter's birth mom chose life. Though I'll likely never meet her, I pray for her Every. Single. Day. out of gratitude. Her choice allowed me to be a dad who got to hold his child in his arms for the first time and we’ve been forever blessed because of this selfless act.

I’m pro-life… because my mother was pro-life. This woman had already given birth to nine children and was at her wit’s end, and yet — she received me with open arms. She gave me a chance to have my own voice and live my life.

That’s why I’m pro-life. And that’s why I must march today, and I’m thrilled that my daughters are so enthused to do so alongside me!