‘We Need Change Now!'

Now that the video is available, we repost our item on Pastor Luke Robinson’s stirring words at the March for Life. (Hat tip for video to Faith & Family Live!)

Black pastor Luke Robinson just delivered a impassioned appeal at the March for Life, asking President Barack Obama to intervene to halt the slaughter of unborn babies.

“Every day people of your ethnic background and of my ethnic background die in staggering numbers,” Robinson lamented in his address to the March’s participants.

Robinson, who is the pastor of Quinn Chapel African Methodist Episcopal Church in Frederick, Md., said while African-Americans constitute 12% of the American population,  African-American babies constitute 34% of the country’s total abortions.

“We need change now,” Robinson declared to a chorus of “amens” as he invoked one of Obama’s own campaign themes. “We need to change this picture. We need to stop the slaughter of the innocent unborn, preborn. Please, Mr. President, be the agent of change … commute the sentence of almost fourteen hundred African-American children, and over three thousand children from other ethnic groups, every day in this country. We need change!”

“Abraham Lincoln helped America to be free from slavery. Please help us to be free from abortion,” Robinson continued. “No doubt when President Lincoln came to the White House, he did not understand the full magnitude of why God had called him at that hour. But he grew to the point that he could see that this nation could not live half divided over the question of slavery. And we can not live and survive as we slaughter our children and be divided over this issue. We need change now!”

Said Robinson, “Unless we repent, unless we repent a righteous God must bring this nation and any nation that kills its children to its knees. President Obama, we pray that God can be upon you for the deliverance of our nation by standing up for the life of children in the womb. The blood of the innocent is crying out from the ground, for God to send us a deliverer. Why won’t you let that deliverer be you? We need change now!”
— Tom McFeely

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