‘We Are One Body’: World Youth Day’s Theme Song at 30

Singer Dana Scallon remembers the joy of Denver.

‘John Paul II Statue’
‘John Paul II Statue’ (photo: NorKoohe / Shutterstock)

“There was such a joyful atmosphere,” Dana Scallon says in a new video reflecting on the blessings of being at World Youth Day 1993 and singing in front of a massive crowd of youth — and Pope John Paul II — the theme song, We Are One Body, along with a choir from Birmingham, Alabama. She recognized the “outpouring of the Holy Spirit” that day — as she does the songful legacy 30 years later.

Bonus: Her remembrances of Mother Angelica are also included.

She lovingly remembers how John Paul II hugged her and kissed the top of her head after she sang — and how he smiled when she spoke to him about Mother Angelica and EWTN.

As she concluded, “We really are one body in Christ.”