Unmaking Abortionists, Part II

It’s been pointed out to the Daily Blog by some thoughtful readers (including Mrs. Daily Blog, my lovely wife Alina) that a false impression may have been created by an earlier post.

The Unmaking of an Abortionist reported on a compelling article published last weekend by The Washington Post. The article is a superbly written account of how a pro-abortion medical student turned away from her plan to become an abortionist, even though she remains deeply committed to abortion rights.

The concern expressed with drawing attention to the article on the Daily Blog is that this might be read as an endorsement of the overall tone of the original Washington Post article, which was written from the implied premise that being pro-abortion is to occupy the high moral ground.

But in our judgment, that’s what makes the account of Lesley Wojick’s decision to renounce her aspiration to become an abortionist especially important.

Even though Wojick continues to adhere to the morally wrong and indeed reprehensible belief that a woman’s right to “choose” to kill her unborn child trumps that innocent and helpless child’s right to life, when faced with the brutal reality of participating in the actual killing of unborn babies the pro-abortion medical student concluded her only choice was to find a better way to employ the healing skills she is acquiring as a doctor-in-training.

The Daily Blog stands by its earlier judgment about the merit of drawing attention to the Washington Post article. And we’re not alone — Dave Andrusko of National Right to Life comes to a similar conclusion here.

But we respect the concerns of those who suggested to us that clarification was needed about why we chose to highlight the article. And we hope that this second Daily Blog entry helps to clear that question up.

— Tom McFeely