This One Weird Trick Can Make You Holy

Do we ever like shortcuts. This is why the internet is littered with advertisements that lure you in with the "One weird trick" to lose weight quick and easy, build muscle quick and easy, or get rich quick and easy.

Do we ever like quick and easy. But this desire is not limited to our waistlines and bank accounts. We want it for our souls as well.

I think this is amply evidenced by the absurd press coverage that follows every papal utterance. It is easy to blame just the press, but regardless of agenda, in the end they are just a business looking to satisfy a consumer. And the consumer is looking for the easy way. So we stretch, twist, and squint at every papal statement to see if we can interpret as an endorsement of our own particular peccadilloes. We want our get out of jail free card.

In short, we are desperately seeking a Christianity without the cross. We want it so badly, it should come as no surprise that somebody is willing to sell it to us. And it is cheap, doesn't cost anything but your soul.

There is no easy way and we have that on great authority. Jesus could have waved his magic hippie hand and wiped away sin with a big smile saying "Go about your crazy business man, it's all good."

But he didn't. He took our sins upon himself and took up his cross. He a) suffered horrifically, b) died horrifically, and c) rose gloriously. It is easy math. A + B = C. No other way around it.

So I promised you one weird trick to make you holy and I am a man who keeps his promises.

Here you go. Pick it up.


This one weird trick will make you holy.