This is the Most Deplorable Organization in America

Let us pray for healing and truth as we remember 44 years of the tragedy of legalized abortion in the United States.

(photo: “jordanuhl7”, CC BY 2.0, via Wikimedia Commons)

There was something missing in the Garden of Eden. An apology. A few simple words from the serpent would have sufficed. Hey, bad call on my part. I’m sorry for the pain.

Instead the devil shouted, Score!  He desires the destruction of all God’s creation but comes as a friend, just trying to help.

Planned Parenthood is such a friend. Let us help you take care of that, Planned Parenthood offers their pregnant customer.  And perhaps you could be so kind to sign away the little one’s body for, uh, research?  And when she comes back with physical or emotional problems, Planned Parenthood turns on them. Don’t blame us. You obviously had issues before your abortion.

After over 4 decades of abortion, it would seem that women should be awash in happiness and freedom. Yet, they are actually less happy than at any time in history according to this study.  The devil has scored again as abortion advocates demand more of the poison that has made them all so angry.  

My friend Marcy Klatt, who blogs at LiveCatholic commented to me that at the March for Women, those screaming for abortion rights, should have held up signs speaking the truth of what they are demanding.

I think killing my own children is great!

59 Million Babies dead is not enough for me.

My future daughter should have the right to kill my grandchildren.

18 Million Dead: #BlackLivesDon'tMatter!

All Black Lives Matter

The devil’s cunning is so successful, that although the culture has grown intolerant of racism and yells racism at every opportunity, it is their own pet project, Planned Parenthood, that is the most racist organization in the US. And they have always been racist.

Margaret Sanger, the conniving founder of what became Planned Parenthood, was a leading member of the American Eugenics Society and founding member of the American Birth Control League, which sought racial purification.  Sanger published articles such as “More Children for the Fit. Less for the Unfit,” labeling “Hebrews, Slavs, Catholic, and Negroes,” as the unfit.

Her two loves were sterile sex and reducing minorities.  She spoke of sterilizing the unfit for the salvation of American civilization. At a March 1925 international birth control gathering in New York City, she warned of the "black" and "yellow" peril.

The American Thinker reported that one of Sanger's first birth control clinics opened in Harlem in 1929. She was diabolically shrewd, inviting black people of influence to get behind her clinic and the “Negro Project” to promote contraception so the white supremacy goals were hidden. “We do not want the word to get out that we want to exterminate the Negro population…” she declared.

Since 1973, when abortion was legalized, over 18 million African-American babies have been killed, making it the leading cause of death for their race. One-third of all abortions are on black people even though they only account for 12% of the population.

Post-Abortive Revolt

Leslie Davis-Blackwell knows the pain of abortion x 2.  At the Silent No More Awareness Campaign blog, on Real Women Respond to the January 21 March that was only for some women, she wrote:  "We’ve been on both sides of this issue for decades. We used to be radical feminazis angrily arguing about a woman's right to choose...helping elect pro-choice candidates, etc. We drank the koolaid of the progressive feminist propaganda for way too long.

“The aftermath has been devastating to women, men, our families, and our culture. All that sexual freedom had consequences, and many lives have been destroyed. We finally realized we couldn’t live in peace and live a lie. We broke the silence and allowed the truth to set us free and now speak publicly about the regret of our abortions. That's why we are SILENT NO MORE!”

As one post-abortive woman recently told me, “You have to understand that these women are victims of post-traumatic stress.” One of the symptoms is anger.

Planned Parenthood is deplorable. They are racist. They are liars. They do the devil’s bidding. And that is why we March for Life. And pray. The facts have no sway over abortion supporters. It is prayer that holds the greatest power to break through denial into truth. Let us pray for healing and truth as we remember 44 years of the tragedy of legalized abortion.