The only thing necessary for evil to triumph is finding the right judge.

A federal judge has ruled that a law that don't permit abortion after a heartbeat can be detected is unconstitutional. We should hardly be surprised. Legislatures are the only branch of government no longer allowed to make laws; they only make suggestions for judges to consider when crafting a law.

Appointed by President George H.W. Bush, U.S. District Judge Susan Webber must believe that the legitimate interests of the state stop where the agendas of judges begin. She ruled that the bill that made abortions illegal after a heartbeat can be detected is unconstitutional. She clearly believes "unconstitutional" means "I don't like it."

“The Court notes that the [state] conveys that viability ‘begins’ with a heartbeat; it does not declare that viability is fully achieved with the adept of a heartbeat,” she wrote. "The Supreme Court has … stressed that it is not the proper function of the legislature or the courts to place viability at a specific point in the gestation period,"

Yeah, that's the role of a judge!

In today's understanding, a lack of measurable heartbeat means death but the presence of a heartbeat doesn't mean life. That makes sense, right?

That's because abortion is the bedrock belief which must be protected at all costs, even if it means ignoring ultrasounds and detectable heartbeats. The law constantly errs on the side of death. The abortion industry essentially spend about 75 percent of their money and time on making sure women don't ever see what's in the womb. Now, this judge want to make sure you don't hear what's in the womb either.

The anti-science abortion nuts want to keep the womb as the undiscovered country. It's just a clump of cells that they can get rid of for the low low price of a few hundred bucks (no checks accepted.) Take their word for it. As new technology reveals the life in the womb, our black-robed oligarchy is working very hard to conceal the light of life.