The Only Solution To Racial Prejudice, St. Kateri Intercedes Again For Miracle Boy, And More Links!

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The Only Solution to Racial Prejudice – David Torkington at Catholic Stand +1

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Get to Know 10 American Minor Basilicas – Michael R. Heinlein at Our Sunday Visitor +1

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When A Nation Becomes Possessed – Fr. David Nix at Pilgrim Priest

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Plato Predicted Woke Tyranny – Edward Feser, Ph.D., at The American Mind

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Polish President Entrusts Poland to Our Lady at Marian Shrine After Re-Election – ChurchPOP

Cleaving the Body – Anthony M. Esolen, Ph.D., at Crisis Magazine

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Don Alfredo Maria Morselli & Archbishop Carlo Maria Viganò on Vatican II – Marco Tosatti at STILVM CVRIÆ

Adoration & Pizza: The Michigan Retreat House That Fosters 30 Vocations a Year – Constance Watson at Catholic Herald