The Muslim World Needs Conversion, Not Understanding

The world burns because nobody is willing to burn for it.

The world is on fire.  This you know.  But the one thing that could douse the flames is the one thing of which we Catholics are afraid to speak.

Look at particularly the middle east, the Muslim world.  That part of the world is on fire.  Riots in the streets, civil war, mass murders, Christian pogroms, political unrest, WMDs, and rampant terrorism are all parts of our daily news for at least as long as it takes to turn the channel or close the page.

As Catholics, what are we to do?

Well, if we listen to many Church leaders, we hear that we should seek to understand them better.  We should encourage countries to send foreign aid to their corrupt governments in futile attempts to eliminate the unrest. And of course, we should seek to dialogue with them.  Dialogue, dialogue solves everything.


Christ did not commission His Church to dialogue with over a billion people whose lives are dictated by a false religion and a false ideology, an ideology that threatens to burn the world.  Christ did not ask us to understand them better.

In all the lofty statements of prominent Church leaders on the myriad problems in that part of the world, the one thing you are guaranteed not to hear are calls for conversion.

Conversion, that is what the Muslim world needs.  Why are we so darn afraid to say it?

When I strayed from the Church in my youth, I didn't need dialogue, I didn't need to be better understood.  I needed the Truth, period.

God commissioned his Church to convert the world, not to dialogue with it.  Billions of souls in Muslim lands may be cut off from Heaven because of our temerity.

In all the discussion, where are the calls to convert the Muslim world?  Where are the swarms of Catholics putting their lives on the line to preach the truth to people in desperate need of it?  When the new world was discovered, brave Catholics swarmed the land risking and losing their lives to preach the truth to these people.

I have news for you, there would have been no World Youth Day in Brazil for comfortable Catholics to pat themselves on the back as great new evangelizers had it not been for those Catholics who died in the those jungles 500 years ago to bring them the truth.

But we are much more enlightened today.  We prefer to dialogue with error in soft even tones rather than confront it with truth.

The world, particularly the Muslim world, needs to be converted.  There is no antidote to error but truth.  Jesus is the Truth.  His Church is the Truth.  If we are too afraid to say it, the who the heck would ever believe it? This is a complete failure of the Church.  There is no other way to put it.

As the Church, we should call for the conversion of Muslims.  We should pray, both personally and publicly, for the conversion of Muslim lands.  We should raise money to send missionaries and pray for their souls when they perish for the effort, and then send more missionaries.

For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life.  Do we love the world enough to even tell them about Him?