The First Commandment of the Intolerant Left: “Thou Shalt Kill”

Leftism is a creed that allows no heresy.

(photo: “jordanuhl7”, CC BY 2.0, via Wikimedia Commons)

I believe Leftism is essentially a religion to those who profess it. And the First Commandment of Leftism is "Thou Shalt Kill."

A recent case in point is that a Swiss federal court recently ruled that a nursing home run by the Salvation Army must allow assisted suicides at its facility, according to The Salvation Army challenged the Swiss Law because...well...salvation and argued that forcing it to take part in assisted suicides went against its religion. But the court predictably ruled against the Christian group.

This is not an anomaly. In the United States, four states have legalized assisted suicide. And while there's no major push yet to make doctors forced accomplices, that will surely follow. Do not doubt this please. Once death becomes a right, conscience takes a back seat.

Right now, the death fetishists are demanding that Christian groups pay for abortifacients in their insurance coverage. When Catholics argue that they believe all life is sacred, the Death fetishists say it's not life at all. They either move the goalposts and say it's not life until the fertilized egg implants in the case of contraception or they just make something up and call it "potential life" until the mother decides whether to abort (because that's science.)

The #totalitolerants also believe that each and every American should be forced to financially support Planned Parenthood whose tagline should be "Over one million severed." Mind you, they always point out that there are specific laws which state that federal money can't go towards funding abortion. But we all know that a little thing like a law can't stand in the way of #progress. So they lie and say that the money is just going to abortionists but it's not paying for the abortions you silly goose. It's just paying the salaries of the people working in the abortion clinic, keeping the lights on, and paying the rent. So totally not paying for abortions, right?

On top of that, the U.S. Supreme Court just this summer refused to review Washington state’s requirement that pharmacies dispense abortifacients to women. In his dissent, Justice Samuel A. Alito Jr., said, "if this is a sign of how religious liberty claims will be treated in the years ahead, those who value religious freedom have cause for great concern."

Wesley Smith, for those who follow him, does a great job detailing the advancing horror of not only death on demand but death by demand. In The Weekly Standard he recently wrote:

A "Consensus Statement on Conscientious Objection in Healthcare," published recently by the University of Oxford's Practical Ethics, is a case in point. In the statement, prominent bioethicists claim that existing legal protections shielding medical doctors from forced participation in abortion and assisted suicide (where legal) are "indefensible."
They urge that the laws be amended to require all doctors either to perform legal medical procedures or, if conscientiously opposed, be compelled to refer to a doctor the dissenter knows is willing. In circumstances where such a doctor cannot be found or reasonably reached by the patient, the statement declares that objecting doctors should be forced to "perform the treatment themselves."

Smith points out that the same article also calls for mandatory community service or "re-education camps" for those who are conscientious objectors. (This starting to sound familiar to anyone else?)

It seems to me that Modern ethics is often just the latest attempt to answer the age old question, "Who will pay the price for my continued consequence-free existence?"

So let's recap. Taxpayers must support Planned Parenthood, Christian organizations are forced to include abortifacients in their coverage, doctors may soon be forced to partake in abortions, and pharmacists in some states are already being forced to sell abortifacients against their religious objections.

It is difficult to imagine a future when one will be able to call oneself an orthodox Christian and a law-abiding American.

Leftism is a fanatic religion whose adherents allow no heresy. You can not pick and choose among their beliefs. You have to swallow the whole pill. There are no schisms; only political enemies. To be clear, Leftism is not just one religion among many. It is a creed bent on destroying all other religions. Godlessness does not brook Godliness. What we're looking at is a standoff between those who look to the United Nations Declaration on Human Rights and those who look to the Catechism or the Bible. And while some point to common interest in these documents, they are very very very different; including a gave difference as to the source of all human rights.

While you, as a Christian, may believe that all rights are bestowed upon us by our Creator, leftists do not. And once you are absent a creator you are immediately dependent on the goodwill of others to retain your "rights" which are no longer rights at all but simply a flimsy temporary agreement based on the whims of the ruling class. Rights are narrowed and beat into airy meaninglessness when other rights automatically trump your rights as is the case in the United States right now.

When the freedom of religion doesn't matter in the face of the right to an abortion, contraception, or a pretty wedding cake you can't really call it a right anymore. The freedom of religion has been hollowed out and filled with the poison of secularism.

I urge you not to just throw your hands up but fold them in prayer. Pray and push back against the rising tide of secularism in the U.S. Pray for the doctors, pharmacists, and bakers who resist. Pray for your children who will live in the country that is growing increasingly intolerant of Christians. Pray for all who raise the ire of the powerful by standing (or kneeling) for freedom of religion. They need your support. Pray. And push back. But mostly pray.