The Facts About LGBT In The Catholic Church, Stop Calling Priests 'Father', and More!

The Best In Catholic Blogging

LGBT In The Catholic Church: Fact & Fiction – Laura Ricketts at epicPew +1

Stop Calling Priests ‘Father’, Says Cardinal Dew of Wellington – Aaron Benavides at Catholic Herald +1

Three Drunks Worth Knowing: An Epic Sermon by Fulton Sheen All Catholics Need to See – Billy Ryan at uCatholic

Audience is Belligerent as 13 Year-Old Girl Compares Abortion to Slavery at City Council Meeting – ChurchPOP

Thoughts About The Change To the Catechism of the Catholic Church 2267 On The Death Penalty – Fr. Z’s Blog

Transgender Madness Update – William M. Briggs, Ph.D., at Statistician to the Stars!

Three Quarks & The Trinity: Scientific Models For A Mystery – Robert Kurland, Ph.D., at Catholic Stand

Finish The Transgender Argument – Robert B. Greving, J.D., at Crisis Magazine

Sister Clare Crockett: All In For Christ – Gabriel Garnica at Catholic Stand

The Bible Belt — A Great Missionary Field for Catholics – Shane Schaetzel at Complete Christianity

St. Anthony, Patron Of Lost Souls – Nathalie Fernandez at Ignitum Today

A Clarification On Integralism – Edward Feser, Ph.D.

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