The EWTN Pilgrims are on Day 4 of the Camino

To share life stories and build solid new friendships is an incredible gift.

(photo: Photo: Rachel Zamarron)

The crunch of gravel and the pounding of the pavement met our ears as our weary feet hit the trail early this morning. The cool darkness surrounded us like a cloud as we tried to kick our aching legs into gear. We are on the fourth day of our Camino experience and our bodies haven't fully adjusted to the packs and long walks. 

The fascinating aspect of our group is the uniqueness of each person. We have a film crew tagging along with quite the mix of pilgrims from around the United States. 

Anabel from Texas shared with me how the Camino “is like life itself” to her. She told me about her thoughts as we climbed a steep hill first thing in the morning:

I experienced this big hill at the beginning (of the day) and as I was climbing it I was very tired. My friend ahead of me kept encouraging me with each and every step and he was the inspiration I needed to make it to the top. I think life is the same thing as that hill on El Camino. When you are going through difficult things in life, you want to give up, but God is telling you keep going. You find around you good people, patient people, who love God who always offer you a hand and take you through the situation.

We are discovering that the beauty of the Camino is exactly that. Not so much the scenery or the Spanish towns, but the fellowship along the way. To share life stories and build solid new friendships is an incredible gift. 

There is also a sense of accomplishment. Shawnte (also from Texas) tells me that, for her, the best surprise from the Camino is that she “can do a lot more than I thought I could and walk much farther than I thought I could.” Pressing her limits has been a rewarding experience. 

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