The Catholic Publishing Quiz (Part III)

How much do you know about the Catholic publishing world?

(photo: Pixabay/CC0)

I often remind my students at Niagara University and Canisius College that they are reading and writing more than any generation in history! But they are reading (and until they get into my classroom) writing unedited content: Tweets, Facebook posts, texts, emails—often sent without hitting the spell-check button). All of these were not the normal way of communicating just 15 years ago.

Mercifully, as we’ve seen in this series, Catholic and Christian publishers are still publishing edited content—by which I mean the text has been worked on by the editor, the copy editor, the proofreader, and usually had to pass muster with the publisher, too.

While some religious publishers have become defunct, mainly due to a demographic that is dying off, many still continue. Can you name the following ones—without using Google or Amazon?

  1. Max Lucado’s coffee table book The Cross: Selected Writings and Images was published in 1992 by what Christian publisher that was located in Oregon and later absorbed by PenguinRandomHouse?
  2. The definitive English-translation of the Book of Psalms is copyrighted by what Crusader-sounding publisher?
  3. Godfrey Kurth’s 2007 book The Church at Turning Points of History was published by this Norfolk, Virginia, Catholic publisher under what unique name?
  4. Immediately after Pope Benedict’s motu proprio Summorum Pontificum, this German-based publisher put out a two-volume Latin-only breviary.
  5. Brian O’Neel’s delightful book, Saint Who? 39 Holy Unknowns was published in 2012 by this Catholic imprint based in Cincinnati?
  6. Saint Anthony Messenger Press recently renamed itself under a much shorter moniker. What is it?
  7. Headquartered in Chicago, this Christian publisher partnered with St. Mary’s Press in 2018 to sell more of its Catholic-centric titles.
  8. The twelve-volume Butler’s Lives of the Saints was published in America by Liturgical Press—it was simultaneously published in Great Britain by what Catholic publisher?
  9. Published by the former German editorial director of HiddenSpring Books, this small Catholic publisher has an alliterative name.
  10. Before being acquired by Roman and Littlefield, this U.S. Catholic publisher (founded by two friends in 1927), was run for a time by the Priests of the Sacred Heart.
  11. This New Jersey-based Catholic publishers produces two long-running series of books, Ancient Christian Writers and Classics of Western Spirituality. Who is it?
  12. The Daughters of Saint Paul run what Catholic publishing concern?
  13.  The Apparition of the Blessed Virgin Mary on the Mountain of La Salette is a booklet originally published in France. The U.S.-English version is published in Hickory Corners, Michigan, by what Catholic Publisher?


  1. Multnomah
  2. The Ladies of the Grail
  3. Gates of Vienna Books/IHS Press
  4. Nova Et Vetera
  5. Servant Books
  6. Franciscan Media
  7. ACTA books
  8. Burns and Oates
  9. BlueBridge Books
  10. Sheed and Ward
  11. Paulist Press
  12. Pauline Media
  13. Miraculous Lady of Roses Publishing