The Biggest Problem Pro-Aborts Have is...Talking

There's a reason pro-abortion folks attempt to shut down all debate. It's not that they're afraid what pro-lifers will say, it's that they fear what they themselves will say.

You see it's almost impossible to carry on a rational conversation about abortion from the pro-choice side. Look at Hillary Clinton's response to a question about personhood and constitutional rights.

In defending the indefensible, Clinton said, “The unborn person doesn’t have constitutional rights."

Whoops. That's a pro-abortion no no. Can't say "unborn person." You see, that gives up the game. If you admit they're a person then should have rights.

And then on top of that, Hillary said "that doesn't mean we don't do anything to help a mother who is carrying a child."

Whoa. A child?!!! A Planned Parenthood alarm must have went off on that one. You can't say "carrying a child." Not A CHILD!!!

You see, you can't actually speak like a regular human being. You can't even say pregnant with a child. You have to come up with weird phrases for unborn children like "potential humans," "products of conception," and "blobs of tissue."

Even when something violent occurs causing a woman to lose her child they have to pretend that nobody died even when the mother made a choice for life. So much for pro-choice, huh?

Pro-abortion folks must be committed to obfuscation and deceit. They seek to keep the womb in darkness and language twisted into meaninglessness. The only way to avoid it is silence.