Texans March for Life

It was a beautiful day to march for life in Texas. Today, thousands of people prayerfully and peacefully gave voice to the voiceless on the streets of downtown Dallas.

It was here in Dallas, 42 years ago, that the now infamous Roe v. Wade case was first filed. You’ll see it in the background of some of the pics below. It started here. Texans are determined to end it here.

I didn’t see one pro-abortion or anti-marcher out at all today. Over the years, they seem to be dwindling more and more. And the joy, hope and numbers of the Marchers for Life just continue to increase.

It’s always so uplifting to be around so many thousands of people who genuinely love all life. People who love each other. People who love strangers they’ve never met. People who love strangers nobody has yet to meet because they’ve yet to be born. There is a ringing truth to it. Something that resonates, “Life is Beautiful.” Because the March for Life is not only about abortion and the unborn. It’s about the dignity and value of every single human life, no matter what. And the defense of the most defenseless human lives is the most fundamental and primary expression of that belief. If you care about life at all, you must first care about it there. And the gravest injustice of our time must be stopped. That’s why we march. That’s why you should march, too.

We need this kind of camaraderie. This kind of solidarity. This kind of visible communion and affirmation of our deeply held belief that all life is sacred and beautiful, even when so much of what we see every day tries to deny it.

The national March for Life this year is on Monday, Jan 23rd. If you can’t march in Washington, DC (which I definitely recommend doing if/when you can!), then join a march (and the cause) near you. Millions of unborn children are depending on you.

Here are a bunch of photos I took from the march today in Dallas: