Sooo, Would Pro-Life Abortionists Be OK?

Congress is being urged to considering overturning Washington D.C. legislation that could force religious and pro-life employers in our nation's capital to operate their businesses in ways counter to their beliefs.

The Reproductive Health Non-Discrimination Act (RHNDA), says it would protect people from discrimination against from an employer because of their reproductive health choices.

Here's the wording:

To amend the Human Rights Act of 1977 to ensure that individuals are protected from  10 discrimination by an employer, employment agency, or labor organization, based on an individual’s or dependent’s reproductive health decisions.

So, this bill, in short, is an attack on pro-lifers and would force employers to hire employees who publicly differ in word and action from their employers on issues such as abortion. Pro-life groups could be forced to hire pro-abortion people. I would assume we'd get a massive exodus of pro-life groups from the nation's capital which I'm sure would make many pro-abortion politicians quite happy. And maybe that's the point.

I wonder, however, if we could turn this around on them. I wonder if any pro-life doctors, nurses and administrators would be willing to get themselves hired by abortuaries in D.C. Come on, you'd have to admit that would be fun. How long do you think a nurse handing out Theology of the Body literature would last at Planned Parenthood? Or an administrator showing Live Action videos on their phone while kicking back in the break room. Sure they'd be fired but that's the point. When they get fired, they could sue the abortuary out of existence for violating the sacred tenets of RHNDA. Hey look, any time a Christian somewhere mutters a prayer in public it seems like a plague of lawyers are released on them. It's time for some reciprocity. Yup. The pro-life community should lawyer up. Every chance they get.

Speaking about lawyers, how about some pro-life lawyers getting themselves hired by the D.C. ACLU? That wouldn't be awkward at all, would it? Imagine sitting in on those meetings and talking about the rights of the unborn to life. There'd be torches and pitchforks out before the donuts came. But they could just point to RHNDA.

Just an idea.