Sisters of Life Offer a Gift of Music

For the Sisters of Life, the Harbor Collection is a “living expression of our fourth vow, to protect and enhance the sacredness of every human life.”

(photo: Register Files)

A beautiful new collection of original music is being released song-by-song by the Sisters of Life.

The New York City-based order of sisters wrote the words and music and play the instruments in the collection called, Harbor. 

Sister Desirae Purissima describes the title: “A harbor is a place of refuge, of safety, where one can find security and comfort. This gives us an image of the spiritual vision of what we hope to be offering and sharing with others through this simple, home-recorded ‘album.’”

For the Sisters of Life, this project is a “living expression of our fourth vow, to protect and enhance the sacredness of every human life. We hope to be giving a sense of security and protection through the gift of this music. As spiritual mothers, much like the heart of Our Blessed Mother, our hearts are meant to be places of refuge where others can find rest and comfort, protected from the stormy waters of life during this time.”

Each sister was invited to contribute and record sings that she had written, to be shared on the Sisters’ new YouTube page. “One way we have been profoundly blessed in our community life is by the musical gifts of many of our Sisters, who have been inspired to song-write, Sister Desirae said.

“So far we have made 15 posts of home-recorded songs, from seven different Sisters, with more to come, including a recordings of sacred music. Some of the songs are individually sung and recorded, while others are sung with multiple voices. Some songs have guitar accompaniment, some piano, and some are sung a cappella. There isn’t really a particular theme, and there is certainly a variation in the styles of our Sisters’ musical gifts. All of these songs have been recorded on either a simple voice recorder, or a laptop — whatever device has been available and most effective for sisters to use for this project. Jesus loves to give and bless from this place of our poverty.”

“We pray that this collection of music can also be a gift of revealing to each human person their own uniqueness in the eyes of God as well,” added Sister Desirae.

You can find the entire collection of songs here on YouTube, where new ones will be posted. Here are some of my favorites: