Sexual Predators: Careful Sending Freshman Daughters to University This School Year and More. . .

The Best in Catholic Blogging

Pornography and Predators: Careful Sending Freshman Daughters to University This New School Year – Christopher Manion, The Catholic Thing

Amazing Video: Dad Has Alzheimers But Comes Back When He Sings – Matthew Archbold, Creative Minority Report

The Oklahoma Black Mass and the Spread of Luciferianism in America – Jim Bryant, Regina Magazine

French Fecklessness and the Onslaught of Islamism in France - Rémi Brague, First Things

In 38 States, Churches Can’t Help People Pay Their Insurance Premiums – Matt Hadro, Catholic News Agency

The Church and Islam: The Next Cover-Up Scandal - William Kilpatrick Ph.D., Crisis Magazine

Athanasius’ Helpful Words For Those With Restless Hearts – Dominic  Cassella, epicPew

The Case for Ad Orientem Worship – Fr. Brandon O’Brien, Crisis Magazine

Indian Archbishop’s Death Marks Loss of a Giant for New Martyrs – John L. Allen Jr., Crux

Amoris Lætitia Is Inspiring Catholics to Reach Out to the Divorced – Erik Castenskiold, Catholic Herald

Mustard Seed Faith – Paul Oakes, Catholic Stand

Rio Olympics a ‘Missed Opportunity’ to Help Brazil’s Poor, Says Catholic Agency for Overseas Development – Staff Reporter, Catholic Herald

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