Scott Derrickson: The Epic Video Interview! Transformers! More!

The full Reel Faith video version of my interview with the director of Deliver Us From Evil … plus Reel Faith reviews of the new Transformers flick and the first-ever “abortion rom-com.”

Scott Derrickson is such a great interview subject that it was hard for me to cut down our sprawling 45-minute discussion to the 2500-odd words of the text article that ran earlier this week in the Register.

I’m very pleased, then, to be able to offer the Reel Faith video version of the entire interview. There’s a lot here that didn’t make it into the text article, so enjoy!

P.S. What Scott most wants you to know about this interview: Under the table I’m wearing shorts and sandals. (It was really hot in New York that day!)

Also below: David and I offer 2-minute Reel Faith reviews of Transformers: Age of Extinction and the “abortion romantic comedy” Obvious Child. Tune in to Reel Faith Friday at 8pm Eastern for our full discussion of both films as well as Think Like a Man Too. (When and where to watch Reel Faith)

SDG and Scott Derrickson: The Epic Video Interview!

See also my review of Deliver Us From Evil.

Transformers: Age of Extinction (SDG)

Hey, if Michael Bay can take 165 minutes for this movie, I can take two minutes to review it.

Obvious Child (DD)

“Why ignore the obvious child?”

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