Register Radio: Lent and HHS Mandate Update

Author Paula Huston and Register Blogger Jimmy Akin

In the first segment of Register Radio, author Paula Huston spoke about some simple practices that Catholics can do to observe the season of Lent. Huston is the author of “Simplifying the Soul: Lenten Practices to Renew Your Spirit” - Lenten retreat that offers daily meditations and practices to help the faithful work toward greater humility and simplicity.

“When we slow down, even things like how we do the dishes can become a prayer,” said Huston. She said that she hopes the book can offer ideas for “busy modern people who don’t live in monastaries.”

During the show she encouraged people to “start with what you can do,” and offered one practical idea that could help make Lent more fruitful. To find out what it is, listen to today’s show.

In the second segment, National Catholic Register blogger Jimmy Akin dissected the Health and Human Service’s mandate so-called “accommodation.” According to Akin it’s a deception that’s actually worse than the original policy.

“The previous policy allowed some Churches to not cover contraception and abortion-inducing drugs,” said Akin. “This policy changes that so that every insurance company has to offer them. It expands the availability of contraceptive and abortion-inducing medications, resulting in the Church to be involved in something gravely evil.”

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