Reason #5,647 Not To Like Soccer

I understand that soccer is all the rage these days and I have been following the world cup just like many others. But…

One often hears the question, “Why isn’t soccer more popular in the US?”  Of course there are many reasons.  Ninety minutes of running around only to end up nil nil is not very satisfying.  I mean real sports shouldn’t end in a tie and they certainly shouldn’t end 0-0.

When my boys were little and started out playing little league, the rules said not to keep score.  Of course, even though they weren’t supposed to, the kids knew who really won the game.  Even these little ones understand that sports are supposed to have winners.

While I certainly don’t endorse hooliganism, I sort of understand it.  Thousands of men continually bored to tears have to find something to do, no?

Of course, even if match after 0-0 match is not enough to to drive you from the sport perhaps this will.

The star of the England National Team soccer and powerhouse Manchester United, Wayne Rooney, sat down to a press conference yesterday to discuss this week’s tie with the US team (another tie, what a surprise) and their forthcoming match.  Probably because even soccer reporters are bored with the sport they are paid to cover, the questioning strayed from soccer to religion.  A reporter asked Mr. Rooney why he wears a prominent cross and rosary beads around his neck when he’s not playing.

Mr. Rooney responded “I’ve been wearing them for about four years now and you don’t usually watch training (to see them.) I obviously can’t wear them in games. It’s my religion.”  At which point a media officer for the Football Association jumped in and put an abrupt end to the discussion saying curtly “We don’t do religion.”

Soccer doesn’t do religion.

Reason #5,467 why we don’t do soccer.

For those who love soccer and wholeheartedly disagree with me , let’s just agree to disagree.  You know, kind of like a tie.  You should be used to that.