Polygamy is Only ‘Logical’

The Register’s current print issue contains an article by Steve Weatherbe that examines a polygamy trial underway in Canada.

The case involves two men belonging to a fundamentalist Mormon sect who have multiple wives.

A defense lawyer for one of the men has already announced that he intends to cite Canada’s legalization of homosexual “marriage” as an argument for overturning Canada’s law against polygamy.

And according to a pro-family analyst, Canadian courts probably will be forced to agree, as our article reports:

Joseph Ben-Ami, president of the Canadian Center for Policy Studies, thinks it is “probably inevitable that the Supreme Court will throw out the polygamy law.”

The Supreme Court’s earlier ruling in favor of same-sex “marriage” “really has opened the door,” said Ben-Ami. After all, he said, “if they couldn’t protect traditional marriage with all the evidence in social science that being raised by one mother and one father is the best thing for children, then they have no logical grounds for outlawing polygamy — or for that matter, marriages involving several men and women at once.”

There’s a powerful reminder here for Americans about why it’s important to resist efforts to redefine marriage to include something as radically opposed to its historical meaning as is same-sex “marriage.”

Once that’s accepted, it’s difficult to conceive of any way to prevent further court-ordered reinterpretations of the legal definition of marriage.