Pelosi Says Catholicism "Compels" Her to Support Same Sex "Marriage."

This story sickens me. Is Nancy Pelosi's Catechism just different from everyone else's?

Yesterday, Pelosi told reporters that her Catholic faith "compels" her to "be against discrimination of any kind" and thus for same-sex marriage.

Answering a question about how she correlates her Catholic faith and her public stance in favor of gay marriage, she said:

"My religion has, compels me--and I love it for it--to be against discrimination of any kind in our country, and I consider this a form of discrimination. I think it’s unconstitutional on top of that."

So the Constitution and her Catholic faith compels her to support gay marriage? Doesn't it strike her as odd that her view of Catholicism fits so perfectly with the views of the editorial page of the New York Times?

Remember this is the Pelosi who brought up St. Augustine in her defense of abortion.

Is there anything that Pelosi won't say that Catholicism is for?

I know Nancy's an Augustine scholar but I think there's a quote from the great saint that I think she should maybe peruse again:

“If you believe what you like in the Gospel, and reject what you don't like, it is not the Gospel you believe, but yourself.”