Paul VI and the Canonization of Vatican II, Rite of the Consecration of Virgins, and More Links!

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Pope St. Paul VI
Pope St. Paul VI (photo: OSV)

Paul VI & the Canonization of Vatican II - Jake Neu, First Things+++

The Sign of the Great Mystery of Salvation: Rite of the Consecration of Virgins – Elizabeth Black, Adoremus Bulletin

The Beatitudes as Nursery Rhymes – Sean Fitzpatrick, Catholic Exchange

Church Tax Battle in San Rafael, California – California Catholic Daily

The Spirit of The Spirit of the Liturgy – Robert Cardinal Sarah, Adoremus Bulletin

Pedophilia Isn’t the Main Problem with Priests, Homosexuality Is – Maureen Mullarkey

Jerusalem’s “Prison of Christ,” a Once-popular Stop on the Holy Sepulchre Tour – Vittoria Traverso, Aleteia

Continuous Daily Updates on the Sex Abuse Scandals & Cover-ups - Big Pulpit

A Man Married for 64 Years Reveals Secret to a Healthy Marriage – ChurchPOP

What To Do When Your Co-workers Don’t Share Your Beliefs & Values – Patricia Bailey, Aleteia

The Danger of the “Common Good” – Eric Sammons, Catholic Vote

The Nuance of Abortion Laws without Roe v. Wade – Fr. Matthew Schneider L.C., Through Catholic Lenses

Quæritur: Official Latin of Fatima Rosary Prayer – Fr. Z’s Blog

How to Prepare for Bad News? Good Literature & Art – Matthew Mehan, Mercatornet

St. Paul on Respect for Authority – Msgr. Charles Pope, Community in Mission

Some Bishops Need to Lose Their Lives to Find Them – Nicholas Senz, The Catholic Thing

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