Paul Ryan on America's Biggest Problem

Last week on Register Radio, we interviewed Ben Wiker about a conversation he had with Congressman (now vice-presidential hopeful) Paul Ryan, R-Wis. With the Republican National Convention taking place, it might be good to know a bit more about the Catholic Republican vice-presidential candidate.

Ben Wiker's interview is now available for free through Patrick Madrid's website.

Take a listen. It's a fascinating conversation in which Ryan talks about his Catholic faith and what he sees as the biggest problem in America. His answer may just surprise you.

"The biggest problem in America ... is moral relativism and this concept that truth is fungible and that there are no absolutes," says Ryan in the interview. "If that occurs and society graps that concept writ large, then everything breaks down."

Throughout the interview, Ryan shows the connection between economics and morality.

"If we continue on the same road we're on, it will break down trust," explains Ryan. "People need a common morality. Our rights come from God and nature, not government. This was a new idea when our nation was founded. If rights come from government, then it's the government's decision whether we get the rights."

"We are on the wrong trajectory. The notion that the central government should take control of these aspects of our lives, that is the polar opposite of truth," said Ryan. "I believe most Americans see this. They know this is a problem that has to change. It's time for people to take their country back."

"We have two futures available to us," said Ryan. "We can continue the American idea, or we can continue on the path we're on right now. That is the cradle-to-grave welfare society, which drains people of their incentive and their will. We're at the proverbial fork in the road. Europe is our future if we don't turn things around. We are on the same path and trajectory; they just did these things sooner than we did. The great thing is that it's not too late. We can get back, turn course, and make sure we don't go down this path. But only if we act soon."