One Giant Step for Life

This week marks the 40th anniversary of the most famous moment in the history of space exploration: Apollo 11 commander Neil Armstrong first stepped on the face of the moon on July 20, 1969.

To commemorate the anniversary of the lunar landing, has released the third installment in its series of eye-catching pro-life video ads. This one, following on the heels of ads about the unborn Barack Obama and about famous people who were adopted as children, links the life in the womb of an unborn Neil Armstrong with his first steps as a baby and ultimately his famous first footstep on the moon.

The ad was unveiled July 15 in Houston, site of NASA’s famous Mission Control Center, at a press conference featuring a number of pro-life NASA personnel.

Dr. Joseph Kerwin, the first American doctor in outer space, said at the press conference, “For thousands of years, man has looked at the moon and the stars in awe. But 40 years ago, we did the unthinkable: We landed on the moon. This new ad by captures the spirit of this historic mission by highlighting the potential of human life.”